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Distance Education Tech Tools and Tips

Distance education faculty support includes technologies to support teaching and learning.

Technology Training

Training opportunities are available through ACC Workshops and online IT reference materials. The Professional Development Office provides How-To Documents and online workshops to help you master software applications.

Instructional Designers are available at each campus to provide training and assistance to faculty.

Tips for Integrating Technology

Technology plays an essential role in the delivery of a distance education course. When designing the course, it is important to consider how best to use technology to support course objectives, as well as how to interact and communicate with students at a distance.

1. Think pedagogy first, technology second. How does the technology used support the course’s learning objectives? Define exactly what it is you want your students to do first, then choose technologies that will support the activity.

2. Consider the technology options. A significant part of the distance education course design process is determining how to use technology in ways that promote interactivity and communication. What Blackboard features will you use? Will students be required to participate in discussion forums or web conferences? Will course materials incorporate audio, streaming video, podcasts, YouTube clips? Will you encourage online study groups? Will you offer online office hours via chat, Google Hangouts, or Skype? Will secure computer-based testing be used? And what—if any—additional training will you need?

3. Student technology access. In order for students to successfully complete a distance education course, they must meet minimum technical proficiencies. Make sure all technology requirements are explained in the online syllabus, especially if students will need special computer software or advanced technical skills.