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The Office of the Provost made available Digital Fellowships to full-time and adjunct faculty in the 2018-2019 academic year. The goal of the program was to research and apply mobile technology through the use of iPads® and digital resources to improve student learning outcomes, student persistence and completion.

Program Outcomes

  1. Implement instructional strategies for delivery of content, practice, interaction, or assessment.
    • Research and select a digital product, strategy, or tool/resource
    • Implement the selected digital product, strategy, or tool/resource in a gateway or core course
    • Assess the impact of the digital intervention upon student learning in at least one of the Texas Core Objectives
  2. Design and deliver a faculty summer institute relative to the digital intervention and findings.

Below are the digital fellows followed by an overview of the program activities.

Meet the 2018-2019 ACC Digital Fellows

Program Activities

Have questions? Contact:

Dr. Shih-Ting Lee
(512) 223-0113

Jennifer Gray
(512) 223-4745