Our vision is to lead as a model of excellence in higher education and as a resource, empowering faculty and staff to improve learning environments and advance student success.


To further the mission and student success goals of the College by providing quality instructional services and support for faculty and staff to:

  • Develop evidence-based teaching and learning environments to reach diverse student populations.
  • Develop excellence in instruction through effective and innovative teaching practices.
  • Use current and emerging instructional strategies and technologies to advance the campus-based and online student-centered classroom.
  • Evaluate learning outcomes that are based on student needs.
  • Participate in continuous improvement through a culture of research, planning, engagement, and equity.
  • Develop curriculum to align pathways from high school through university transfer.
  • Capitalize on faculty development opportunities for professional growth.


Producing Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement
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  • ACC Libraries
    Phone: 512-223-0157
  • Office of Cooperative Education and Internships
    Phone: 512-223-7010
  • Office of Curriculum Development
    Phone: 512-223-7091
    • Curriculum Services
    • Catalog and Program Maps
    • Scheduling Services
  • Office of Distance & Alternative Learning
    Phone: 512-223-8027
    • Blackboard Services
    • Competency-Based Education Services
    • Distance Learning Services
  • Office of Instructional and Faculty Development
    Phone: 512-223-7786
    • Instructional Design
    • Faculty Evaluation
    • Faculty Development Programs
    • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Office of Instructional Technology
    Phone: 512-223-7667
    • Video & Multimedia Production
    • Instructional Web Development
    • Media Support
    • Classroom Technology
    • ACC-TV, Channel 19
  • Office of Service Learning
    Phone: 512-223-3774
  • Office of Articulation & University Relations
    Phone: 512-223-7677