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TLED website development update

The TLED website will be under continual development through 2018. Currently, the TLED Instructional Web Development team is reviewing and updating content from all of the TLED areas. As content is updated it is published under the corresponding TLED area. A soft launch is planned when most of the content is completed. The “process of development” notification will be removed after the soft launch. We will continue to implement future improvements as needed after the soft launch but these are expected to be fine-tuning adjustments.


Where is my content?
We have a lot of existing content that we have to review and update so it will take some time before we add content for all TLED areas. Stakeholders will be contacted during this process so they can provide input on their portions of the new TLED website. A tentative timeline will be posted on this page when it has been approved.


If you need to reach us regarding the content of this website, you can send an email to: