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Classroom Technology

For Classroom Technology, the Media Center on each campus provides equipment for use in classroom instruction. Some equipment is permanently available in classrooms, while other equipment must be requested and picked up at the Media Center. Students who need equipment for a classroom presentation must have their instructor reserve the equipment. Faculty may reserve equipment in person at the Media Centers. See Locations & Hours to find the Media Center at your ACC campus.

Classroom Technology encompasses not only the equipment available for use for staff and faculty, but also teaching spaces including a variety of different classrooms, lecture halls, and virtual spaces available for use. Below is a list of the teaching spaces:

  • General Classrooms: All general purpose classrooms are fully equipped with audio and video capabilities. They have ceiling mounted video projectors that are operated using a control panel on the wall or mounted in the podium. An ACC standard console provides a projector, dedicated computer, BluRay/DVD/VCR combo player, laptop connection, media console and control system.
  • Computer Classrooms: Depending on the campus, most computer classrooms will have 10 -20 Dell Optiplex 7010 computers or equivalent.
  • High Tech Classrooms: The High Tech classrooms provide advanced technologies for teaching such as a SmartBoard and document camera. When not being used for classes, they are available to instructors for review sessions, seminars, exams, and other academic purposes.
  • Interactive Video Classrooms: These classrooms allow instructors to deliver instruction to more than one location via an Internet protocol (IP) connection. IVC is similar to face-to-face instruction with the addition of being connected to another site.
  • Virtual Spaces: In addition to classrooms well-equipped with current technologies on each campus, students and faculty can share virtual learning spaces using Blackboard, Adobe Connect and other tools.