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CoursePacks and Copyright

Austin Community College District (ACC) permits instructional departments to utilize instructor prepared materials, called Course Packets (CoursePacks), as a textbook option or supplement. Instructors wishing to implement a Course Packet for their class are responsible for:

    1. Obtaining approval from their respective Department Chair/Advisory Committee.
    2. Following the “Procedures to Create & Order Course Packets” provided in the ACC CoursePacket Ordering Procedures and completing the “How would you like to create your custom materials?” form on XanEdu’s page:

Course Packets become proprietary information of ACC. View Copyright Ownership: Scope of Policy for further information.

Visit the Textbook Ordering Information page for related information and resources, including how to access FacultyEnlight, an online source for researching, adopting (ordering) and sharing insights about textbooks and course material.