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Distance Education InFocus Grant

The Distance Education InFocus: Improving Course Design and Strengthening Student Support (InFocus) grant provides $2.68 million to support work that will increase student persistence, retention, and success for Hispanic and other low-income students. From the grant abstract, InFocus will accomplish this via:

    1. Improving academic support in high-risk online courses: InFocus will provide seed funding to help ACC phase in employment of three full-time Embedded Tutors who will, along with the college’s existing seven part-time online Embedded Tutors, support any of the approximately 4,600 credit students who are struggling to succeed in one or more of the college’s 19 online “high-risk” courses each year. High-risk courses are defined as those that are required for many associate and bachelor’s degrees but are successfully completed by less than 70% of the students who enroll in them each semester.
    2. Enriching learning in high-risk online courses: InFocus will provide funding to train distance education faculty in the nationally recognized Quality Matters rubric through the College’s Online Course Redesign Academy (OCRA) and to certify all online high-risk course curriculum via the QM certification process.
    3. Providing targeted, intensive advising support to online students who are struggling: InFocus will help ACC build its capacity to implement an evidence-based, intensive approach to intensive academic advising for online students who are struggling in high-risk courses.


Read the following articles about the grant:

February 2021: Chelsea Snow, Distance Education Advising Specialist, presented at the Texas Advising Academic Network Virtual Conference (TEXAAN) and won the “Best in TEXAAAN” for her presentation, “Fostering Team Spirit in A Virtual Environment”. Chelsea co-presented with Jennifer Browning, Assistant for Student Affairs. Out of 30 formal presentations eligible for this award, their presentation received the highest participant feedback scores.

View Video – View Presentation

December 2020: Read more about the Infocus Grant: ACC Awarded Two National Grants to Target Equity Gaps in Higher Education.

Distance Education Speaker Series Recordings

Embedded Tutor Program
Presented by DeEadra Albert-Green, Ph.D.
Manager, Online Learning Lab

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Academic Coaching: Helping Students with “Better Grades, Less Stress” Virtually!
Presented by Monica Burmicky, Supervisor, Academic Coaching Services

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ACC Clinical Counseling Services for Students
Presented by Janie Wang
District Clinical Counselor

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Support Staff

Erasmus Addae
Project Director
Associate Vice Chancellor, Distance Education

Jennifer Gray
Manager, Instructional Design
Distance & Alternative Education

Seth McLagan
Distance Education Embedded Tutoring Specialist, InFocus Grant

Alicia McWilliams
Coordinator, Online Learning Support & Embedded Services

Daniel “Jamey” Hall
Distance Education Embedded Tutoring Specialist, InFocus Grant

Virgil McCullough
Instructional Designer
Distance & Alternative Education

Angelica Acosta
Distance Education Advising Specialist, InFocus Grant

Catherine Wadbrook
Distance Education Embedded Tutoring Specialist, InFocus Grant

Katie McClendon
Instructional Designer

Advisory Committee


For any questions about the grant, please contact Alicia McWilliams,