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Respondus is a software tool to develop and manage exams. Respondus also enables instructors to upload exams into Blackboard without having to retype those questions in Blackboard. The Blackboard Respondus LockDown Browser tool allows for secure testing.

Respond is free to ACC faculty for both your office and home computer.

Please visit the Faculty Use of Testing Centers page for information on testing guidelines and faculty-focused information about the upcoming changes for faculty use of ACC Testing Centers for the upcoming Fall 2020-Spring 2021 year.

Request Support

If you need Respondus support, please submit the Faculty Support form. Contact ACC Technical Support Services at (512) 223-4357, or email Respondus Support. Please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page for additional options.

Faculty Need to Know that:

    • The creation of exams via Respondus is usually faster and easier than creating assessments in Blackboard™.
    • Exams may be created in a text editor or Word and imported into Respondus.
    • Thousands of publisher test banks are compatible with Respondus and can be accessed if the textbook has been adopted for the course.
    • Exams may be printed from Respondus.
    • Exams may be uploaded to Blackboard and delivered as an online exam either non-secure or secure using the Respondus LockDown Browser in the Testing Centers
    • Exams and reports may be downloaded from Blackboard.
    • To view additional testing options available, visit the Teaching Online Continuity Guide: Testing page.

Preparing Computer-Based English Departmental Exams

Secure, computer-based English departmental exams are now available. Please contact Sue Bloodsworth at for additional information or assistance.

Respondus Basics

Blackboard LockDown Browser

The Blackboard Building Block for Respondus LockDown Browser Tool is usually enabled within Blackboard. The Blackboard Building Block for Respondus LockDown Browser is a Blackboard tool which requires the lock-down browser for secure testing in the Testing Center. Students taking secure exams in the Testing Center cannot view other webpages, copy, print, save or open another application. If an exam is already in Blackboard, faculty can easily make the exam non-secure or secure with the Respondus Building Block tool.

Step-by-step directions (PDF) to make an exam secure for testing the in Testing Centers.

Directions (PDF) to enable Respondus LockDown Browser tool.

Non-Secure or Secure Assessments

Two types of exams can be delivered via Blackboard: non-secure exams and secure exams. Both may be created on an instructor’s local computer using Respondus and then uploaded to Blackboard.


Non-secure exams are accessible to students through Blackboard. Often test-for-understanding or practice exams are delivered non-secure via Blackboard. Students may take these exams anywhere they have a computer and connectivity to the Internet. All faculty can develop and administer non-secure tests for their Blackboard courses. The main difference between secure and non-secure exams is that non-secure exams do not require a LockDown Browser and are not delivered in the ACC Testing Centers. As soon as a non-secure exam is uploaded to Blackboard, it can be made available to students.

Secure Exams

For Secure exams, instructors must use the Blackboard LockDown Browser tool to make exams secure. Students must take a secure exam at an ACC Testing Center. Secure tests are major exams such as mid-terms and finals. Secure tests must be taken in the Testing Centers. Only specific courses are approved for secure testing in the Testing Centers. In addition, up to 25% of students enrolled in a course who miss the initial exam may take a make-up exam and students who score low on the initial exam may retest in the Testing Centers.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that instructors make paper-based copies of their exams available in the Testing Centers in case there is a technical issue with the computer-based exam. Instructors should go to the Testing Center to check their exam.

Validate Exam is Secure

Validate that your exam is secure and may only be taken in an ACC Testing Center.

  1. Click on the exam in your ACC course.
  2. Click Begin to take the exam.
  3. A window to input a password displays. (Note: The student does not need a password to take the exam in the Testing Centers. The password is for the Testing Center computers to communicate with the Respondus LockDown browser.)

Training and Support

Teaching consultations are available to help you implement this tool into your teaching.

Request Consultation

The Faculty & Instructional Support Specialists (FISS) can also provide training.

Request FISS Help

Workshops to learn about the tools available for teaching and learning are available.

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