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Spring Development Day

Remote Delivery, Meaningful Learning

Friday, January 15, 2021

TLED’s Faculty Development team hosted ACC’s annual Spring Development Day on Friday, January 15, 2021. The 2021 theme, “Remote Delivery, Meaningful Learning,” invited all employees to discover meaningful ways to support student learning, even when our teaching and services are delivered remotely. The year’s event boasted 1,379 registrations and 504 unduplicated participants who shared glowing feedback about the experience:

      • “I sincerely appreciate all of the information I gathered. The leads were strong and very open to sharing ideas.”
      • “Best PD day ever”
      • “This was great information and directly transferable to my classes, thank you so much for this!”
      • “I already started to tinker with the programs suggested in the workshop and I am super excited to share with my students.”
      • “Loved this and learned a lot of new things to try out. Thanks so much!”

Featured speakers included keynote Dr. Katharine Brooks, Evans Family Executive Director from Vanderbilt University, and many fellow ACC faculty and staff who shared their expertise with colleagues.

All 37 sessions were recorded and are now available for viewing.

Workshop Recordings Available

All workshop recordings are also available via mediasites.


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Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
Keynote Using Positive Psychology to Manage the Challenges of 2021 Katherine Brooks There’s no question that our lives have been disrupted by the events of 2020. And the longer the disruption continues, the harder it can be to stay resilient and strong. What can positive psychology teach us about handling long-term challenges and disruptions to our work and our lives?  Access

Session 1

Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
1 1 Response and 2 Replies: An Exploration of Alternative Options for Online Discussions Kerri Pope A participant in this workshop will walk away with information on how to ignite and foster critical thinking, research skills and engagement in online discussions. Access
1 Experiential Learning at ACC Sabryna Groves A participant in this workshop will walk away with a clear understanding of the benefits of experiential learning, as well as how to kick-start your course revision process to include either an internship or service-learning component. Access
1 The ART of the Presentation Sara Farr Learn the ART of creating playful presentations that capture your audience’s attention and turn a dull topic into something interesting and exciting. Access
1 Closing Equity Gaps Through Equitable Faculty Hiring Suzanne Summers, Sam Echevarria, and Gaye Lynn Scott A participant in this workshop will walk away with an understanding of the connection between how faculty equity-mindedness supports student outcomes. Access
1 Ownership of Equity: Is Your Vision Really 2020? Anne Vance We will learn why it’s NOT OK to ignore race, and we will discuss strategies to improve racial equity, both in and out of the classroom. Access
1 Enhancing the Emotional Climate of the Classroom in a Remote Environment Silke Morin A participant in this workshop will learn practical skills for enhancing the emotional climate of the classroom. Access
1 The Digital Wellness Paradigm: Three Methods for Managing Screen Fatigue in Virtual Learning Environments Natalie Andreas A participant in this workshop will walk away with tools for cultivating digital wellness while learning or instructing in Spring 2021. Access
1 Zoom Not Making Your Heart Go Boom? Try These Virtual Engagement Tools Sara Sanders Participants who attend this workshop will receive a creative engagement toolkit which includes innovative ways of utilizing virtual platforms and a list of activities that can be used in virtual classrooms, events, or staff meetings. Access
1 A Visual and Accessible Syllabus for You Virgil McCullough This presentation provides an overview of how an accessible syllabus development project was conducted to produce a department-wide used accessible document. Access

Session 2

Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
2 Avoiding Death by Email Courtney Grams This workshop will give you practical tips for desktop email management and show you a solid strategy for reaching inbox zero on a regular basis.


2 We’re Number 1! Let’s Keep it that Way: How You Can Support Transfer Student Success Renee Esparza Learn about transfer resources available to students, factors that lead to transfer student success, and identify how you can be a transfer champion within your role at the college.


2 ACC Student Financial Wellness: A Discussion About Our Often Forgotten Students Latisha Addison Find out what you can do in your everyday conversations with students that will help to motivate, encourage growth, and help our students maneuver through their higher educational journeys.


2 What Students Are Saying About Remote Learning: Using ACC Student Feedback to Enhance the Distance Education Experience Sarah Porter Hear anonymized feedback from ACC students about their distance learning experience as well as easy-to-implement strategies to enhance student engagement and persistence.


2 Sharing Alternative Ideas for Student Assessment Larry Stephens This session will be an interactive and engaging workshop where faculty members will discuss and share ideas about alternative forms of assessment for students to demonstrate mastery of course objectives.


2 Implementing a Faculty Orientation & Onboarding Program to Increase Student Success Chelsea Biggerstaff Participants will discuss ways to improve their onboarding process and hear faculty testimonials. Access

Session 3

Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
3 Online Student Engagement: Creating Presence in Your Distance Learning Course Eduardo Garcia Attendees will learn practical tips that they can incorporate right away into their courses to make them more engaging. Access
3 ePortfolios as Student Showcases Stephanie Long This workshop will showcase Google and Adobe tools for ePortfolios. Access
3 Academic Coaching: Helping Students with “Better Grades, Less Stress” Virtually! Monica Burmicky This workshop will overview ACC resources and share some of the overlapping and distinct service offerings in an effort to help you make more efficient referrals. Access
3 Resilience: Reaching In, Reaching Out, Reaching Around Janelle Green This session will explore participant perceptions of resilience, the connection between emotional health and resilience, and strategies for building resilience. Access
3 Digital Escape Rooms as a Form of Alternative Assessment Herb Coleman Participants will participate in a mini escape room and see several examples of the types of presentation and questions that can be asked. Access
3 Communication Apprehension in the Community College (Virtual) Classroom Tasha Davis Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of communication apprehension, how to identify students that may suffer from social anxiety, and practical steps they can take immediately to create alternative assignments to address students’ needs while remaining consistent with learning outcomes. Access
3 Creating Accessible Stem Content: Tools, Tips and Techniques Sean Loraas An introduction to creating agile documents that maximize accessibility, compatibility and usability for all content. Access

Session 4

Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
4 Assess Your Assessment: Designing Meaningful Assessments Lauren Miller Learn how to create and use assessments that properly align with student learning outcomes, accurately reflect intended goals, and optimally measure student performance. Access
4 SAS/Accessibility Panel Lauren Sebel A participant in this workshop will walk away with information to take back to the classroom on working with students with disabilities and how best to support them. Access
4 Career and Transfer Services at ACC Abigail Garza A participant in this workshop will meet ACC’s Career and Transfer Specialists, understand the role the career and transfer team plays in supporting student success, and learn about the resources available to students. Access
4 ‘Any Questions?’: A New Way of Elevating Student Curiosity Elizabeth Standley A participant in this workshop will walk away with a short lesson plan, called “The Celebrity Interview,” designed to teach students the art of inquiry. Access
4 Best COMMUNICATION Practices for Online Student Engagement Angela Niedermyer Whether your class is asynchronous or synchronous, you don’t want to miss these student-centered best practices! Access
4 The Importance of Engaging in Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Dr. Kayree O. Williams Learn the functions and resources of the TRHT Campus Center and engage in some activities to understand the TRHT framework. Access

Session 5

Session Workshop Title Presenter Short Description Tracks Recording Links
5 Collaborating with Whiteboards: Escaping Powerpoint Lectures MP Mentzer-Hernández Learn about the online whiteboard tool, Miro, that allows for engaging and interactive opportunities to share with students. Access
5 Blackboard Ally & Online Course Accessibility Stephanie Bogdanich Learn how to use this tool to protect yourself from liability, meet Quality Matters standards, and most importantly, help every student succeed. Access
5 Understanding Viruses, including update on SARS-CoV-2 Steve Bratteng A general description of the nature of viruses and how they affect living organisms, including COVID-19 information. Access
5 The State of Faculty Communications Courtney Grams Join TLED’s Faculty Communications team for “The State of Faculty Communications” to learn about the services we provide, tips for communicating with ACC faculty, and see how you can get plugged into our communication channels. Access
5 Creating Alternative Assessments Michelle Fitzpatrick Understand multiple forms of assessment, the impact of giving students options and support deeper learning. Access
5 Climate Change: Communication Climates in the Workplace Tim Appignani Participants will learn how to adopt a more supportive approach to communication through strategies and tactics to manage the tricky undertones of workplace politics and the nuances of inter-office communication. Access
5 Classroom Management: Preventive Strategies and Practical Solutions Chelsea Biggerstaff Learn practical, proactive techniques to manage student expectations and create a more productive learning environment Access

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If you have any questions about Spring Development Day, please email the Office of Faculty Development at or call (512) 223-7216.