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The Teaching and Learning Excellence Division (TLED) offers comprehensive, long-term fellowship opportunities on a variety of topics to support our vision for Austin Community College (ACC) faculty to lead as models of teaching and learning excellence in higher education.


TLED is sponsoring an exciting new opportunity for faculty who are interested in gaining a greater level of experience and expertise with course redesign strategies and serving as peer mentors and consultants to other faculty.

One year Faculty Research Fellowships starting in Spring 2022 will support instructors who have completed training in course redesign strategies and would like to conduct research on the impact of applying evidence-based redesign techniques to related student/course outcomes.

Up to four faculty research fellowships will be available per strategy. The first phase will focus on the following areas with the following leads:

Applications for 2022 are now available and will be open through Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Selection and announcements will be made no later than Friday, December 10th, 2021.

Faculty must have completed the required training to be eligible. Check with the fellowship lead listed to determine your eligibility if unsure.

Upon successful completion of the fellowship program, faculty will receive compensation and be eligible for the next level of the fellowship starting in January 2023.

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