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Honors Fellowships


The Honors Fellowship is designed to support faculty in the redesign of courses to incorporate culturally relevant teaching initiatives into their curriculum.

There are two options for the Honors Fellowship.

Option 1:

    • Design an orientation and mentoring process to engage faculty in the development of new Honors courses.
    • Research how other colleges and universities support these types of efforts and incorporate best practices.

Deliverables: Training materials and framework for mentoring relationships.

Note: TLED can help with training materials, such as creating videos, setting up Blackboard shells, etc.

Option 2:

    • Script modules that illustrate best practices for purpose and belonging to correspond with current Honors competencies, and illustrate the way current Honors courses incorporate purpose and belonging competencies in their curricula.
    • Produce professional development videos for current and incoming Honors faculty to encourage practices of purpose and belonging.


    • Platform-integrated professional development videos for purpose and belonging.
    • Discussion board forum for Honors program community reflection.
    • Related one-hour workshop for Honors program faculty.
    • Facilitator guide for the workshop.


The application deadline has passed.


For any questions about the Honors Faculty Fellowships, please contact Dr. Anne-Marie Thomas (