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ACC Course Redesign Fellowships

faculty fellows level chartOverview

TLED has created a comprehensive faculty fellowship program focused on course redesign. These fellowships are designed to support faculty in the redesign of courses employing high-impact and best practices in specific instructional methods and strategies that support equitable outcomes in student success and build on the scholarship of the teaching profession. Each fellowship has time constraints, requirements, and expectations.

Below is an overview of the fellowships with links to additional information on the specific fellowships available.

Current Faculty Fellowship Opportunities

Adobe Creative Campus

The 2022 Adobe Creative Campus Faculty Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for Austin Community College (ACC) faculty to learn how to integrate Adobe tools into their teaching to build engagement and foster 21st-century digital literacy skills.

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Gateway Fellowships

Fellowships for faculty that are new to the Liberal Arts Gateway (LAG) course redesign process or LAG faculty who want to serve in the role of Community of Practice facilitators for cohorts of LAG faculty.

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Great Questions

The 2022 Great Questions Faculty Fellowship offers ACC faculty the opportunity to join a small group workshop with Great Questions faculty members to redesign at least 40% of a course centered around the project and discussion-based study of core and transformative texts in the teaching discipline.

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iPads in the Classroom

The 2022 iPads in the Classroom Faculty Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for Austin Community College (ACC) faculty to learn about alternative teaching methods that increase student engagement and success through the use of iPads.

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The 2022 Internship Faculty Research Fellowship is an opportunity for Austin Community College (ACC) faculty to focus on researching a problem related to internships by completing a literature review.

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