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Lecture Capture


Panopto is replacing Mediasite starting Spring 2023.


Lecture capture is a general term used for recording lectures and then making them available online, typically for students to review. These videos can be recorded at the same time as when a face-to-face lecture is being given, or can be recorded in the comfort of your office or home.

Austin Community College (ACC) provides support for two lecture capture tools, VidGrid and Panopto. Both tools have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is at the discretion of the faculty/staff member on which tool to use.

VidGrid Information         Panopto Information

Request Support

If you need support, please submit the Faculty Support form. Need ideas on how to implement these lecture capture tools into your teaching? Please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page to set up a consultation.


Panopto is not only a lecture capture tool, but also features a robust video streaming platform. Think of Panopto as an “internal YouTube channel.” Videos stored within Panopto can have varying permission settings, can be embedded within your Blackboard course, and shared with others through a unique web address. Panopto also provides automated machine captioning for all videos.


Panopto includes the following features:

    • Available to all ACC faculty, staff, and students (no individual license required)
    • Upload and edit previously recorded video, audio, and caption files
    • Embed individual videos and video channels within your Blackboard course
    • Restrict videos to ACC users (by logging in through Okta) or available for the general public with a custom web address


    • Collaborate with other Panopto users on a collection of videos by using shared folders
    • Embed questions within videos to ensure students are engaged – scores can be reflected in Blackboard Gradebook.
    • Use powerful analytics to identify students in need of further help
    • And more!

Getting Started with Panopto

Staff and Students: Log into Panopto with your ACCeID credentials

Panopto Considerations

Video Retention Policy

Videos stored on Panopto will be moved to your individual Recycle Bin (in Panopto) 13 months after the last time the video has been viewed. After this time, the video can be restored by locating the video in your Recycle Bin and selecting the Restore option. Videos will be permanently deleted out of Panopto 3 years after the last time the video was watched.

Shared Folders

Creating and adding users to shared folders must be requested by submitting a Panopto Support Request Form.

Video Ownership

While Panopto supports multiple permission levels on each video, videos can have only one owner. Video ownership can be changed by submitting a Panopto Support Request Form.


Submit Panopto Support Request Form

Training and Support

A number of articles and training videos have been created and can be viewed on the Teaching & Learning Knowledge Base.

Panopto Training

The Educational Technologists on each campus can also provide guidance, and training on using Panopto.

Request Help

If you have additional questions about lecture capture tools, please contact the Office of Academic Technology.

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VidGrid is a video platform that allows faculty to easily record, share, edit, and manage videos in the cloud within one app.

The VidGrid desktop recorder captures anything on your computer screen from PowerPoint slides to web pages to complex animations, as well as video from webcams and audio devices connected to your computer.


VidGrid includes the following features:

    • Upload and edit previously recorded videos (trim, blur, add music)
    • Instant machine captioning (ADA-compliant) with just a few mouse clicks
    • Individual videos can be shared within your Blackboard course via a short video link
    • Share videos with specific people or make them available to the general public with a custom web address
    • Categorize videos within an organized library allowing VidGrid users to collaborate on a collection of videos
    • Organize videos into specialized folders with various sharing permission options
    • Ask multiple-choice questions to test viewer attention and information retention
    • Interactive features like adaptive quizzing, polls, or surveys from directly within the video
    • Video analytics that track number of views, and who has been viewing
    • Receive notifications when users watch or interact with videos
    • Record content from a computer, iPad, and iPhone
    • Embed questions within videos to ensure students are engaged
    • Attach PowerPoints or documents to videos
    • Segment videos into chapters to seamlessly organize information
    • Annotate and capture mouse clicks on the screen as you present
    • Allows students to record videos that upload to secured folders with a shareable video recording link
    • VidGrid is primarily available for faculty, but staff accounts can be created depending on the use case.

Getting Started with VidGrid

Step 1: Request an account by emailing Chris Davis. Your account will be activated within two business days.

Step 2: Once your account is activated, visit the VidGrid website and use your ACCeID credentials to log in and start using VidGrid.

Training and Support

A number of articles and training videos have been created and can be viewed on the Teaching & Learning Knowledge Base.

VidGrid Training

VidGrid also has a help center available for questions. The VidGrid Help Center is searchable and covers FAQs and updates.

VidGrid Help Center

The Educational Technologist on each campus can also provide guidance and training on VidGrid.

Request Help


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