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Class for Zoom


Class for Zoom is a tool that integrates with Zoom to allow for a customized classroom experience. With Class, instructors can add teaching and learning tools to Zoom. Faculty can take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz, grade work, or talk one-on-one with a student. Class gives faculty more control to arrange students in different ways and keep track of attendance and discussions. Instructors can also have polls and connect it all into Blackboard for easy grading.

Class for Zoom is part of the tools available to ACC employees for free.


Faculty can launch Class by logging into Blackboard and then selecting Class from the Tools options. Class can be launched either from the app or on the web. For assistance with installing the Class app on an ACC asset PC or Mac device, please complete an ACC Service Request Form.

Request Support

If you need support, please submit the Faculty Support form. Need ideas on how to implement Class for Zoom into your teaching? Please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page to set up a consultation.


    • Maximize engagement by tracking focus and provide feedback
    • Manage course tasks such as taking attendance
    • Facilitate one-on-one discussions without leaving Zoom
    • Track course metrics such as participation and speaking time across individual students and/or the entire class

Training and Support

Teaching consultations are available to help you implement this tool into your teaching.

Request Consultation

Educational Technologists are available to provide training and answer questions.

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Workshops to learn about the tools available for teaching and learning are available.

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