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All new ACC faculty, both full-time and adjunct, must be assigned a mentor during their first semester at ACC. Any other faculty member may be assigned a mentor at the discretion of the Department Chairs or upon the request of the faculty member. Administrative Rule# 4.01.015

Any faculty member who wants to serve as a mentor must complete the online ACC Faculty Mentor Training, and must retake it every three years. The online Faculty Mentor Training is available for participation at all times, year-round. To be placed on the Mentor List, the potential mentor must score at least 70 in the assessment at the end of the online Faculty Mentor Training module and must complete the interactive video portion. Participants may take the final assessment as many times as needed to succeed.

As part of mentoring support, Faculty Development maintains a list of ACC faculty who have completed the Faculty Mentor Training and are prepared to mentor fellow faculty.

Faculty must successfully repeat the Faculty Mentor Training after 3 years.

Faculty Mentor Training

To serve as a Faculty Mentor, training is required. The training is fully online and self-paced.

Access the Faculty Mentor Training

Note: You must be logged into your ACC email for the link to work.

Access the Faculty Mentor List