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ACCelerator at ACC

Teaching Spaces

Teaching spaces come in a variety of options from classrooms with presentation technologies and video streaming to large lecture halls and dedicated learning spaces designed with wrap-around services like the ACCelerator.

Austin Community College (ACC) staff can reserve a room through the Ad Astra Room Scheduling system. Please make your request at least 24 hrs in advance. For classroom media technology support, please submit the Educational Technology Support Online Form.

If you are planning an event at ACC, please visit the ACC Events page to find useful information to help plan your event. For event requests and services, please submit the Multimedia Events Request Form.

For questions or inquiries about specific rooms, please contact the Campus Manager from the corresponding campus.


The ACCelerators are comprehensive learning spaces designed with wrap around student support. Tutors are available as well as academic coaches. ACCelerators are equipped with computer stations pods, study rooms, and a classroom. Additionally, faculty can teach in-person or distance learning synchronous classes in the ACCelerator – learn more. Visit the ACCelerator website.

Rows of computer monitors

On Campus Classrooms

General Classrooms

All general-purpose classrooms are fully equipped with audio and video capabilities. They have ceiling-mounted video projectors that are operated using a control panel on the wall or mounted on the podium. Most classrooms have document cameras and other features that are either pre-installed or available by request. When not used for classes, they are available to instructors for review sessions, seminars, exams, and other academic purposes.


High Tech Classroom 2223 in Cypress Campus

Computer Classrooms

Depending on the campus, most computer classrooms will have 10 -20 Dell Optiplex 7010 computers or equivalent.


Computer classroom


HyFlex Classrooms

HyFlex classrooms are designed to support the simultaneous teaching of students both physically in the classroom as well as remotely. These classrooms are equipped with a television display for showing the remote students to the in-person attendees, as well as a mounted camera that allows the remote students to see the instructor and/or the in-person students. Teaching HyFlex classes requires department chair approval as well as completion of a training offered by Distance Education.

Virtual Teaching Spaces

In addition to classrooms well-equipped with current technologies on each campus, students and faculty can share virtual learning spaces using Blackboard, and other tools.

If you need help with Blackboard, please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page for assistance.

Student looking at computer in class

Blackboard Learn is the learning management system for Austin Community College (ACC). Every face-to-face, hybrid, and online course has a corresponding Blackboard course site. Blackboard is a teaching tool that enables faculty to share their course materials and build interactive activities in a single place for teaching and learning.

Visit the Tools page to learn about the teaching tools supported by ACC.

Please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page for assistance with these tools.