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“A growing body of evidence is demonstrating that technologies, when used effectively by faculty and student advisors, can personalize learning at unprecedented scale potentially enabling all students – not just those who are able to attend the most elite, expensive colleges – to get the best and most effective education at a reasonable price.” – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Digital Learning

Teaching with iPads

In support of the integration of mobile and engaging technologies that foster and promote student success, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division provides opportunities for faculty to incorporate the use of Apple iPads into their courses.

The use of iPads stemmed from a 2018-2019 Digital Fellowship. The goal of the program was to research and apply mobile technology through the use of iPad and digital resources to improve student learning outcomes, student persistence and completion.

Eligible Faculty

Applications for Summer and Fall 2020 Closed

    • Any adjunct or full-time faculty are eligible to apply to participate.
    • By submitting an application to participate, you are agreeing (if selected) to attend a 2-hour onboarding/training/refresher session. The exact date is TBD, but will likely be in late April (for summer participants) and early August (for fall participants). We will send out a survey to gauge availability before scheduling the final date(s).
    • Applications will be reviewed and accepted based on availability of devices, potential impact of using devices in the classroom, and level of innovation in using iPads in the course section.
    • Applications from former Digital Fellows participants will receive priority based on the previously redesigned courses’ required use of iPads.

Support & Resources

Faculty selected to participate in this opportunity will attend a 2-hour onboarding/training session. The training provides faculty with the following knowledge/skills:

    • Basic use of iPad functionality
    • Expectations of faculty participating in the opportunity
    • Overall workflow/processes and timeline for getting started

Faculty and students that need assistance with the basic functionality of using tablet devices can refer to the LibGuide.


Faculty selected to participate in the opportunity will receive an iPad for their own use. These iPads will not need to be returned at the end of the semester and are available for faculty to continue using in future terms. The device is property of Austin Community College and must be returned should the faculty no longer be employed by the College.

Students enrolled in participating course sections will be issued an iPad for use throughout the entire semester. Devices must be returned within 5 days of the end of the term, or from when the student withdrawals from the course, whichever comes first.


A number of free apps are already made available to faculty for incorporation into their courses. A complete list of the free apps already available can be found here.

Premium (paid) apps can be requested as funding is available. If approved, TLED will purchase these apps and make them available only to the section(s) being taught by the requesting instructor.

If faculty would like to use apps (free or paid) that are not already available, a request for approval can be submitted here.


If you have questions about the Teaching with iPads program, please contact Matthew Evins, Director, Academic Technology via email: