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Collage of professors teaching. "A journey into the art of teaching"

Teaching & Learning Academy

Anchored in the ACC Faculty Values, the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) will contribute to student success by expanding faculty teaching practices. The Academy is designed to support faculty based on evidence-based teaching strategies, reflective practice, and teaching innovation. Essential to the Teaching and Learning Academy is the creation of a group of faculty who will learn from each other. The Academy cohort begins with a retreat, to establish a community of learners that explores the scholarship, art and passion of teaching and continues over fall and spring semesters through hybrid coursework.

After the retreat, the Academy cohort will continue to be strengthened through four additional three-hour face-to-face meetings; two in the fall and two in the spring semester. For TLA participants wanting to engage more with colleagues on evidence-based teaching and learning practices, optional scholarships to local conferences will be available.

Teaching and Learning Academy faculty participants will complete 4 courses, two in fall semester and two in spring semester. Each course is 15 hours. Twelve hours of each course are online. The additional 3 hours are completed in a  face-to-face meeting that is dedicated to faculty sharing, learning, and collaborating with each other about course material and the art and heart of teaching.

Fall 2019 Online Course Details

Course: Teaching to the Brain

Module 1:  How students learn: Understanding the Brain and Learning

Module Developer
Dr. Richard Griffiths: Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Module 2: Getting Students to Remember Course Material: Using Memory Techniques that Work

Module Developers
Ray Sandoval: Associate Professor, Student Development
Tobin Quereau: Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 3: Deepening Students Learning: The Role of Metacognition

Module Developer
Tobin Quereau: Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 4: Students’ Mindsets and Learning: Innovative Classroom Techniques That Foster A Growth Mindset

Module Developer
Cheryl Thompson-Price: Assistant Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Course: Building a Community of Learners

Module 1: Setting the Tone of the Classroom: Techniques that Promote an Inclusive Classroom

Module Developers
Mary Havens: Assistant Professor, Library Services
Dr. Ursula Parker: Associate Professor, Integrated Reading and Writing

Module 2: Developing Inclusive Course Materials: Using Universal Design Principles

Module Developer
Dr. Shih-Ting Lee: Adjunct Professor, Student Development

Module 3: Recognizing the Importance of Students’ Cultural References: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Module Developer
Charlotte Gullick: Associate Professor and Department Chair, Creative Writing

Module 4Teaching with an Equity Lens: Examining Bias, Conflict and Micro-Aggressions in the Classroom

Module Developers
Dr. Shirin Catterson Khosropour: Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies; Director, Center for Peace & Conflict Studies; Professor, Psychology
Dr. Grant Potts: Department Chair, Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities; Associate Professor, Religion and Philosophy

Spring 2020 Online Course Details

Course: Engaging Students for Learning

More details coming soon.

Course: Assessing Students’ Learning

More details coming soon.


Participation in the Teaching and Learning Academy is open to all faculty, full-time and adjunct, who have completed at least two semesters of teaching at ACC.



Upon successful completion of the TLA, participants will receive a stipend of $1200.

Scholarships to NISOD, the Lilly Conference, or will also be provided. If preferred, a scholarship to another local conference that strengthens teaching may be possible. Participation in one of these conferences is optional.

Participants will be recognized by the Provost and by TLED as a Champion of Teaching and will receive digital badges for each course completed.

Champions of Teaching