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Collage of professors teaching. "A journey into the art of teaching"

Teaching & Learning Academy Graduates

In the Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA) inaugural year 2019-2020, we had over 60 graduates!

2019-2020 TLA Graduates


  • Samantha Ackers, Academic Coach and Adjunct Professor, Learning Labs and English
  • Christie Allen, Program Specialist and Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
  • Shannon Bailey, Department Chair and Professor, English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Terry Barksdale, Head Librarian, Library Services
  • Janet Barlow, Professor, Sonography
  • Sherry Blum, Professor, Philosophy
  • Gene Browning, Professor, Integrated Reading & Writing
  • Ashley Carr, Librarian and Adjunct Professor, Library Services and Student Development
  • Ping Chu, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
  • Lola Cowling Watters, Librarian, Library Services
  • Linda Cox, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
  • Samantha Croft, Professor, Biology
  • Sarai Czap, Professor, Nursing
  • Arlene Dettman, Professor, Nursing
  • Susan Diamond, Professor, Surgical Technology
  • Kendall Dingee, Instructional Associate and Adjunct Professor, Integrated Reading & Writing and Developmental Writing
  • Patricia Dungan, Professor, Integrated Reading & Writing
  • Curtis Eckerman, Department Chair and Professor, Biology
  • Vanessa Faz, Instructional Associate/Faculty Mentor and Adjunct Professor, VP Instruction and Government
  • Melissa Foote, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
  • Lydia French, College Associate and Professor, Student Affairs and English, Adult Education, and Humanities
  • Sarah Garcia-Portillo, Professor, Nursing
  • Scott Gibby, Professor, Foreign Language
  • Mary Gilmer, Supervisor and Adjunct Professor, Student Support & Success Systems and Mathematics
  • Carl Gregory, Adjunct Professor, Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Cedric Grice, Adjunct Professor, Economics
  • Kelly Hamade, Professor, Nursing
  • Lynda Infante, Librarian, Library Services
  • Marc Jimenez, Enrollment Advisor and Adjunct Professor, Enrollment Services and Student Development
  • Sonya Johnson, Adjunct Professor, Child Care & Development
  • Nancy Johnson, Professor, Child Care & Development
  • Renee Kuhles, Librarian, Library Services
  • Corynne Levy, Professor, Nursing
  • James Loomis, Librarian, Library Services
  • Jon Luckstead, Librarian, Library Services
  • Amber Luttig-Buonodono, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Danica MacRae, Professor, Nursing
  • Julia Maffei, Instructional Associate and Adjunct Professor, Learning Labs and English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Herman Massad, Professor, Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiation
  • Katie McClendon, Supervisor and Adjunct Professor, Digital Skills for Todays Jobs – Student Affairs and English
  • MaryJane McReynolds, Director of Articulation and Transfer Resources, Teaching & Learning Excellence Division
  • Susan Meigs, Instructional Associate and Adjunct Professor, Learning Labs and English
  • Keri Moczygemba, Librarian, Library Services
  • Kimberly Murphy, Professor, Biology
  • Mollie Nelson, Adjunct Professor, Allied Health Services
  • Vanessa Nichols, Professor, Nursing
  • Kim Oliver, Professor, English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Hilda Ollmann, Adjunct Professor, Developmental Reading & Writing
  • Deborah Quinn, Adjunct Professor, History
  • Phil Roche, Librarian, Library Services
  • Alicia Salzmann, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Ben Santana, Adjunct Professor, Allied Health Services
  • Emi Schuster, Adjunct Professor, Adult Education and Foreign Language
  • James Shaw, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
  • Amy Simons, Professor, Nursing
  • Victoria Taylor, Department Chair and Professor, Fashion Design
  • Allison Teegardin, Instructional Associate and Adjunct Professor, Business, Government & Technical Communication
  • David Thornberry, Adjunct Professor, Art
  • Laura Trellue, Adjunct Professor, Developmental Reading
  • Robin Wells, Adjunct Professor, Adult Education and Computer Information Technology
  • Lynne Wiesman, Professor, American Sign Language – Interpreter Training
  • David Wilson, Librarian, Library Services
  • Gary Wright, Professor, Dental Hygiene