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Faculty Fellows Alumni

Faculty that have completed the different fellowships are listed below. Each fellowship has requirements for completion.


Adobe Creative Campus Course Redesign Fellowship

Instructional Designer, Stephanie Bogdanich

Christopher (Chris) Burfict, Adjunct Professor, and Instructional Associate
Department: Radio-television-Film
Read the research report: Audio/Radio Production I (Podcasting I)

Margaret (Meg) Mulloy, Adjunct, Assistant Professor
Department: Photography
Read the research report: Redesign of PHTC 1300 Photo Digital Imaging

Kevin Clark, Adjunct Professor
Department: Communication Studies
Read the research report: “Untranslatables”: Gaining Confidence in Cross-Cultural Communication

Phil Patrone, Adjunct Professor
Department: History
Read the research report: Adobe Fellowship Student Withdrawal Research Report

Kelly Hamade, Professor
Department: Nursing
Read the research report: Podcasting in Obstetrical Nursing


iPads in the Classroom Course Redesign Fellowship

Instructional Designer, Richard Palmer

Manuel Duran, Professor
Department: Computer Information Tech
Read the research report: iPads in Apple Applications Development

Marcus McQuirter, Professor, Department Chair
Department: Drama
Read the research report: Building Studi06: Creating an iPad-based Self-Tape Studio for Acting Students

Courtney Ahrenholtz, Professor, Associate
Department: Marketing
Read the research report: Technology in the Classroom: Blended Digital Learning in the Classroom to Increase Student Engagement and Success

Dr. Herbert Coleman, Adjunct, Professor
Department: Psychology and Student Development
Read the research report: iPads Fellows Research Report

Jose Milan, Professor, Department Chair
Department: Physical Therapist Assistant
Read the research report: Student Acceptance of iPads for Digital Textbooks and Integrated Classroom Use

Vanessa Faz, Instructional Associate/Faculty Mentor
Department: Government
Read the research report: iPads in the Classroom: White Paper

Valeria Flint, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Department: Psychology
Read the research report: Influence of Gamification and Technology on Personal Communication and Responsibility

Liberal Arts - Gateway Fellows


Level 1 Fellows

Composition and Literary Studies

Allegra Villarreal
Anne-Marie Thomas
Arun John
Alex Watkins
Brinda Roy
Carla Coleman
Caryn Newburger
Chris Berni
David Lydic
Diane Whitley Grote
Elizabeth Frye
Heidi Juel
Jenifer Hamilton Hernandez
Jill Bosche
Karon Rilling
Kazel Morgan
Kendall Dingee
Lola Watson
Lindsay Lawley Rerecich
Louisa Spaventa
Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz
Roy Ruane
Rebekah Starnes
Robert Crowl
Ronald Gordon
Ryan Davidson
Sean Nighbert
Stacey Stover
Susan Meigs
Valerie Fulton
Wendy Lym

Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities

J. Wade Allen
Jean Lauer
Linda Cox
Sarah Bowman
Sherry Blum


Level 2 Fellows

Composition and Literary Studies

Arun John
Chris Berni
Diane Whitley Grote
Heidi Juel
Louisa Spaventa
Wendy Lym

Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities

J. Wade Allen


Level 3 Fellows

Composition and Literary Studies

Chris Berni

Great Questions Fellowship

Level 1 Fellows

Adult Education
Mieca Johnson
Jessica Listi

Chris Hendren

Business, Government, and Technical Communications
Michael Finney

Communications Studies
Aimee Finney
Sara Shippey
Daniel Usera

Communications and Literary Studies
John (Jack) Austin
Laura Brown
Diane Caddell
Lydia CdeBaca
Jeffrey Chan
Carla Coleman
Charlotte Fiehn
Anne Fletcher
William Hoppe
Michelle Iskra
Arun John
Andrew Keese
Alana King
Katie (Katherine) Megear
Samuel Myung
Jennifer Sapio
Rebekah Starnes
Sarah Stayton
Lauren (Lola) Watson

Communications and Literary Studies/Developmental Writing
Michelle Lischka
Hillary Reyes

Communications and Literary Studies/Student Development
Jill Bosche

Developmental Reading
Cynthia Brewer

Carrie Kaplan
Greg Romero

Julia Maffei

Foreign Languages
Meaghan Dinan
Michael Hydak
Kasina Entzi
Ewa (Eva) Siwak

Vanessa Faz
Russ Gardner
Deborah Hoag
Tao Huang
Shellee OBrien

Stephen Bosworth
Barbara Lane
Katherine Meyers
Rachel Ozanne

Sarah Bowman
Spencer Wayne Coffey
Zachary Goldberg
Patricia Hatcher
Lillian Huerta
Jean Laure
Melissa Markham
Jay McCullar
Charles Pisaruk
Andrea Pittard
Kerri Pope
Kathleen Reeves
Joseph Ruf
Carrie Simpson
Desiree Ward
Debbie Wing-Chi Lee

Integrated Reading and Writing
Kate Dean
Patricia Dungan
Stephanie Frausto
Beth Fry
Ann Palmer
Ursula Parker
Laura C. Trellue
Julie Wauchope

Jordan Barry

Office of Experiential Learning
Sabryna Groves

Sherry Blum
Joseph Bullock
Linda Cox
Aran Gharibpour
Alexander Misthos
Grant Potts
Christopher Whalin

Bryan Register
Val Flint
Sadaf Sajjad
James Shaw
Gaye Shook-Hughes

Linda Mackey

Amy Velchoff

Student Development
Samantha Ackers
Connie Williams

Level 2 Fellows

Jordan Barry, Mathematics
A Mathematician’s Lament, Paul Lockhart and A Mathematician’s Apology, G.H. Hardy
(Math 1332: Contemporary Mathematics)

Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz, Humanities
With His Pistol in His Hand: A Border Ballad and Its Hero, Americo Paredes
(Humanities 1305: Introduction to Mexican American Studies)

Aimee Finney, Communications
The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As told to Alex Haley
(Speech 1311: Introduction to Speech Communication)

Gretchen Harries, Communications
The Peloponnesian War, Thucydides
(Speech 1315: Public Speaking)

Deb Hoag, Government
The Texas Constitution and Ire’ne Lara Silva’s Cuicacalli/House of Song
(Government 2306: Texas State and Local Government)

Lillian Huerta, Humanities
Borderlands La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Gloria Anzaldúa.
(Humanities 1305: Introduction to Mexican American Studies)

Carrie Kaplan, Drama
Everyman, anonymous and Everybody, Brandon Jackobs-Jenkins
(Drama 1301: Introduction to Theater)

Carrie Simpson, Humanities
Frankenstein, Mary Shelly.
(Humanities 1302: Renaissance to Present)

Amy Velchoff, Sociology
The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois
(Sociology 1301: Introduction to Sociology)

Quality Matters Fellowship

Quality Matters Course Design Fellows

Dr. Richard Espinosa, Allied Health Sciences

Stephanie Long, Geospatial Engineering / Geographic Information Systems
Course: GISC 1411

Quality Matters Fellow

Dr. Richard Espinosa, Allied Health Sciences