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Service-Learning Fellowships

Level 1: Faculty Strategy Fellowship in Service-Learning

Participating faculty will learn more about service-learning theory, successful service-learning programs, and will engage in activities that they can then implement in their own courses. They will also learn about available resources to support them.


Complete the Service-Learning Training

Online Via Blackboard Collaborate

    • Six Week Summer Seminar


    • Self-Paced Online Course


Application process/details: There is no application process for enrollment in the Service-Learning Training

    • 30 person capacity for Summer Collaborate Sessions
    • Enrollees are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Unlimited capacity for online enrollment


Compensation: $200 + 10 professional development hours

Completion of level 1 training places candidates in the selection pool for the level 2 fellowship.

Participants in the Service-Learning Faculty Research Fellowship will implement at least one service-learning section to better understand the virtues and challenges of service-learning pedagogy and practice. They will also deepen their understanding of contemporary service-learning issues through professional development.


    • Implement one service-learning section
    • Participate in one Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) sponsored service-learning professional development opportunity
    • Draft a research proposal by the end of their first year focused on a contemporary issue, theory, or method in service-learning that they plan to examine further on their path to Level 3
    • Meet with the Service-Learning Coordinator for bi-monthly check-ins

Length: 1 Year

Start Date/Semester: Spring 2021

Prerequisites: Applicants must have completed the Service-Learning Online Training

Compensation: $1200

Application Deadline: Friday, December 11th, 2020

Applications Closed

Completion of level 2 training places candidates in the selection pool for the level 3 fellowship.

Level 3: Senior Faculty Research Fellowship in Service-Learning


Year One

In their first year in pursuit of Level 3 Fellowship, faculty will be required to:

    • Participate in another OEL sponsored SL professional development event
      OR travel to a relevant conference or service-learning event
      OR implement another service-learning section
    • Meet with the Service-Learning Coordinator bi-monthly for check-ins
    • Draft and submit a bibliography for use in their final literature review


Year Two

In their second Level 3 year, faculty will be required to:

    • Implement another service-learning section
      OR present a professional development event on their research topic
      OR travel to a relevant conference or service-learning event
    • Mentor attendees of the Service-Learning Training Course
    • Meet with the Service-Learning Coordinator bi-monthly for check-ins
    • Present on their research with a clear plan of action for how ACC might address their chosen topic


Final Presentation

To complete their Service-Learning Fellowship, faculty fellows will have to submit and present their completed literature review on their research topic.

Length: Two Years


Start Date/Semester: Applications due by December 1 annually

Application Process/Details: Applicants must have completed the Level 2 Fellowship Program

Compensation: TBD


For any questions about the Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship, please contact Linda Cox, Service-Learning Coordinator: