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Gateway Fellowships

Liberal Arts Gateway Course Redesign

Model 1: For Departments with Existing Liberal Arts Gateway (LAG) Committees

Note: Fellowship level 1 applies to those faculty who are new to the LAG course redesign process. Learn more about the Liberal Arts Gateway (LAG).

Upon acceptance into the program, Level 1 fellows will join a LAG Community of Practice in their individual disciplines. Working with colleagues, faculty will familiarize themselves with the Liberal Arts Gateway philosophy, attend three meetings a semester, engage in peer-to-peer observations, and redesign a course of their choice over two semesters.


At the end of the course redesign process, individual faculty must submit the following:

    • a reflection that includes an articulation of how the redesigned course meets foundational Liberal Arts Gateway principles,
    • a course description,
    • an assignment/class activity that aligns with the Liberal Arts Gateway disciplinary toolkit.

Faculty will be certified as a Liberal Arts Gateway course instructor, and the course will appear on the course schedule with a unique title

Teaching Communities Option for faculty who are already part of the Liberal Arts Gateway in their disciplines.

    • To design and implement contextualized courses in partnership with faculty from another discipline in the College. For example, a teaching community could develop a composition course with a health sciences or workforce major focus.

Length: 2 semesters

Stipend: $400/semester

Applications Currently Closed: The application process opens in the Spring for Liberal Arts Gateway.

Model 2: For Departments without a Liberal Arts Gateway Committee

Identify a small cohort of faculty (3-5 members) who are interested in creating a Liberal Arts Gateway committee in your individual discipline.

Under the guidance of the Liberal Arts Gateway Oversight Committee, participate in the establishment of a discipline LAG Committee, establish guiding principles, and create an application and review process for new Liberal Arts Gateway courses your discipline.


    • Establish discipline-specific course design principles/guidelines
    • Develop course proposal application and review process
    • Pilot courses using Liberal Arts Gateway redesign principles in the discipline
    • Participate in departmental LAG committee
    • Training and preparation
        • Discipline-specific course design principles
        • Application and review process
        • Mentor/apprentice with LAG faculty

Once the Liberal Arts Gateway Committee has been established in the individual discipline, Level 1 fellowships will revert to Model 1 in individual disciplines (see above).

Length: 2 semesters

Stipend: $400/semester

To learn more about and apply for a Level 1 Fellowship in your individual discipline, visit the Liberal Arts Gateway page.

Successful completion of level 1 establishes eligibility for level 2 fellowship (Application Required).

Faculty Fellowship

LAG Faculty serve in the role of Community of Practice facilitators for cohorts of LAG faculty. In lieu of the facilitator role, Level 2 fellows also have the option of taking on special projects that may include conducting research within their teaching practice that leads to course enhancements, developing training modules, writing grant proposals, etc.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a Level 1 fellowship.

Deliverables  include

    • Research within the teaching practice leading to course and pedagogical enhancements
    • Lead a Liberal Arts Gateway Community of Practice
    • Develop disciplinary toolkit
        • Develop assignments/activities that are aligned with the discipline toolkit.
        • Perform functions/tasks including but not limited to:
            • facilitation of LIberal Arts Gateway Communities of Practice
            • mentoring new Liberal Arts Gateway professors
            • present/consult with other departments
            • curate student work for archiving, promotion, and data collection/analysis
            • leading workshops, creating training modules, etc.
    • Lead year-long special projects for the Liberal Arts Gateway Program in the discipline. For example, LAG Level 2 fellows in CLS established Curiositas, the student academic journal that showcases student academic work completed at ACC. Another Level 2 fellow developed a training module on making the classroom and courses more equitable in addition to creating an Inclusive and Respectful Language: A Starter Guide handout that CLS faculty are already using in their classrooms.
    • Create a research proposal in consultation with the LAG Oversight Committee (required for level 3 eligibility)

Length: 1-year appointment

Stipend: $600/semester

Applications Currently Closed: The application process opens in the Spring for Liberal Arts Gateway.

Successful completion of level 2 establishes eligibility for level 3 fellowship (Application Required).

Senior Fellowship

The focus of the Senior Fellow is to conduct higher-order research leading to outward-facing products.


    • Serve as rotating member of the LAG Oversight Committee
    • Complete and publish results of a research project
    • Functions/tasks including but not limited to:
        • Process facilitator for the LAG data collection/analysis
        • Mentor second-year fellows

Length: 2-year appointment

Stipend: TBD


For questions about the Liberal Arts Gateway Faculty Fellowship, please email Chris Berni:  If you want to receive a reminder for faculty fellowships, please subscribe here.