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Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning Fellowships


The 2024 Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for Austin Community College (ACC) faculty to learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their teaching to build engagement and foster 21st-century digital literacy skills.

Time Commitment/Expectations

During the spring semester, Fellows will be required to attend 3 in-person meetings at HLC and 2 virtual meetings along with completing lab activities. The meetings may take up to 4 hours each. The lab assignments include subject matter articles and assignments designed to guide Fellows toward their course redesign proposal due in early May. Additionally, Fellows are expected to work with a TLED Instructional Designer while developing their proposals.

The summer term will provide the time for faculty to work with a TLED Instructional Designer to redesign the proposed course according to the proposal that was submitted. There are no specific predetermined meetings during the summer.

The fall semester will be focused on teaching the redesigned course, integrating the selected Artificial Intelligence tools into the curriculum, and implementing the redesign plan. Fellows will collect quantitative and qualitative data which will be presented in their white paper and an optional publication.

Fellows are expected to be able to:

    1. Have experience using one tool that uses AI
    2. Attend one Remote Recess or Summer Software Day session related to AI or complete a LinkedIn Learning or similar online professional development course on AI
    3. Attend or watch recording of one Fellowship interest session presented by ATP

Required meeting dates for Spring 2024:

    • January 10th, Wednesday (in person HLC)
    • February 9th, Friday
    • March 22nd, Friday
    • April 19th, Friday
    • May TBD (in person)


For the time and efforts of our Fellows, faculty will receive a $1,200 stipend – to be paid at the end of the Fellowship (December/January).


The application deadline has passed.


For any questions about the Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning Fellowship, please contact Stephanie Bogdanich (, Instructional Designer, Academic Technology.