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Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)

Electronic Reserves is an extension of traditional library reserves and is managed in accordance with fair use exclusions and the rights of copyright holders as embodied in the current copyright law. We will not place materials on electronic reserves without permission of the copyright holder if the nature, scope, or extent of copying exceeds the reasonable limits of fair use.

Which materials do not require copyright permission?

Material in the public domain, for example:

    • Government documents
    • Works whose copyright has expired
    • Materials like personal lecture notes or sample exams
    • Materials for which the instructor holds the copyright

Guidelines for placing copyrighted materials on E-Reserves.

    • All materials placed on E-Reserves will be solely for the non-commercial, educational use of students.
    • Longer works, such as complete books, will not be placed on E-Reserves.
    • Copyright notice will appear on the viewing screen of Library Catalog E-Reserves display.
    • Appropriate copyright attribution will be entered on the material itself if it does not already appear.
    • Access to E-Reserves will be limited to authenticated ACC Library users.
    • Instructors will obtain copyright permission from the copyright holder if the material is to be on Reserve for more than one semester and will provide a copy of the permission to the Library.