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Distance Education Symposium Archive


The Distance Education Symposium is an annual event that takes place in November, when National Distance Learning week is celebrated nationally. The Symposium is typically a half-day event that brings together ACC faculty to focus on distance education and learn about current best practices. ACC faculty and staff are invited to present and share their experiences and knowledge with attendees.

Distance Education Symposium The Future of Digital Learning at ACC2020 Post Event Summary

The theme of the 2020 symposium was “The Future of Digital Learning at ACC.” The Symposium provided opportunities for ACC faculty and staff to:

                      • Share ideas on the application of new and emerging technologies in online and digital learning environments
                      • Discuss success factors and best practices in distance education and teaching
                      • Exchange ideas on evidence-based approaches in distance education


Keynote: Dr. Joe Sanchez

Dr. Joe Sanchez is the CEO & founder of Innovation-Based Learning (IBL) Institute and professor of Psychology. He has been thinking and researching Innovation-Based Learning since the mid-1980’s when he wrote a paper in his Master’s program called, “Real-World Curriculum.” The idea behind this was his belief that “​the curriculum needed to be more in line with what people needed in the real world.”

After completing his Masters from the University of Texas-UTRGV (formally Pan American University), he went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Psychology from Texas A & M University-College Station, Texas. For the past 37 years, he has worked either as an educator or mental health professional at all educational levels, from Pre-k through university graduate programs. He has presented the concept of Innovation Based Learning across the country from east to west at regional and national conferences.

Keynote Audio Recording

Keynote Audio Transcript

Sessions: Thursday, November 12, 2020
9:00am ‒ 10:00am

SAS Panel Discussion

Presenters: Lauren Sebel, Lauren Matthys, Ginger Bennet, and Meg Kareithi

It takes a village…er, panel! This collaborative panel discussion is brought to you by ACC’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS), Alt Text & Media, and Interpreter Services. Representatives from these areas will address targeted questions, submitted by staff, on topics including but not limited to: best practices in online accessibility and alternative text/media, accommodating students remotely, current procedures of SAS & SAS Testing, Universal Design principles, and working with deaf/hard of hearing students. Any and all questions are welcome, but please note that SAS staff might curate submissions for the sake of brevity.

Session Recording

A to Zoom - Acing Zoom Basics

Presenters: Rene Renteria and JT Tyler

More online learning experiences are now happening at ACC via Zoom. With greater awareness of Zoom tools, faculty can make online learning more engaging and accessible to today’s students.

Session Recording

Supplemental Resources

Attend this workshop to learn:

  • Download and install Zoom Desktop Client
  • Access Zoom account from Web Portal
  • Identity important settings in Web Portal
  • Schedule a Zoom meeting
  • Use common attendee controls in meeting
  • Check audio/video settings for meeting
  • Share content from computer with Screen Sharing
  • Create and use Breakout Rooms
  • Record and review meetings
  • Know where to get more information, help, and support at ACC & Zoom

What Students Are Saying About Remote Learning: Using ACC Student Feedback to Enhance the Distance Education Experience

Presenters: Sharon Goh and Sarah Porter

As completion counselors, we are uniquely positioned to hear what students really think about remote learning during our academic counseling sessions. Additionally, as instructors, we understand the challenges that faculty face in delivering their courses online. We will share anonymized feedback from ACC students about their distance learning experience as well as easy-to-implement strategies to enhance student engagement and persistence. Topics will include course structure, use of technology, and ways to build community in your online classroom.

* Note: This session was not recorded.

Thursday, November 12, 2020
10:15am ‒ 11:15am

Supporting Students Through the Online Research Process

Presenters: Ashley Carr, Lynda Infante, and Jorge Lopez-McKnight

ACC Librarians will present tips and tricks to help students successfully navigate finding quality information resources online, and discuss how librarians can support students and faculty in the online environment.

Taming the Digital Dumpster Fire: 5 Free Tools to Enhance Online Learning and Productivity

Presenter: Natalie Bidnick Andreas

In an increasingly distracted world, how can students and educators possibly thrive in an online learning environment? From managing assignment deadlines to capturing lecture notes, both students and professors face the seemingly insurmountable challenge of staying productive and organized while working away from the traditional campus environment. In this interactive session, digital strategist and ACC adjunct faculty member Natalie Bidnick Andreas will share five free tools designed to reduce overwhelm and foster enhanced learning and productivity. Attendees will be invited and encouraged to try out suggested mobile applications and systems during the presentation.

Session Recording

Motivation and Mindset

Presenter: Edgar Granillo

This session focuses on the connection between motivation and mindset. We will review steps we can take in developing our course and curriculum to help foster motivation and growth mindset in students.