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HyFlex Teaching & Learning Institute

The 2024 DE Summer Institute: HyFlex Teaching and Learning, sponsored by the Distance & Alternative Education Office, is designed to help you prepare for teaching a HyFlex class.

This supportive cohort will focus on applying effective practices for implementing HyFlex delivery in your own course, demonstrate how to utilize HyFlex technology in the classroom, and provide tips for integrating synchronous learning activities and engagement in a HyFlex learning environment.

This learning opportunity will be delivered in three sessions: AM, PM, and One-on-One:

  • AM Session: This session will cover the topics of Orientation, Getting Started with HyFlex, and Designing your HyFlex Solution.
  • PM Session: This session will cover the topics of Develop Engagement Approaches, Implementing HyFlex in your Own Course, and Explaining and Evaluating your HyFlex Course Design.
  • One-on-One Session: This session will cover the topic of ACC HyFlex Technologies.

The training is divided into three sessions. The first two sessions are delivered as HyFlex. Faculty have the choice of which of the first two sessions (AM or PM) they will attend on campus or online; however, faculty must attend one session online and one session in-person on the Highland Campus to gain the student experience in a HyFlex meeting. After the first two sessions, faculty must attend a one-on-one meeting in-person on campus to learn the HyFlex technology in their own classroom and step through the process of running a HyFlex class meeting.

Consultations with Distance Education Instructional Designers will be available after the training. Faculty who are accepted will be part of a research study assessing this modality and should be prepared to participate in documenting how students attend throughout the semester.

Applicant Prerequisites: All levels of teaching experience and technology skills are welcome. Faculty teaching HyFlex courses will be prioritized. Faculty are recommended to have completed APPQMR training. Faculty planning to teach a HyFlex course in the future must attend this HyFlex training first.

Stipend: $1000 stipend (total) will be paid after participating in the institute, finishing HyFlex course design, and scheduling the HyFlex course.

Professional Development: 7 hours (To self-report credits, go to Workday > Profile icon > View Profile > Career > Training > Add Training)

Registration Cap: Minimum: 6 Faculty / Maximum: 15 Faculty

For any questions, please email

2024 Summer Institute: HyFlex Teaching and Learning Schedule

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024

Time: AM Session: 9:00am to 12:00pm

PM Session: 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Facilitator: Stephanie Long, Professor, Geographic Information Systems, Associate Dean, Faculty Center for Learning Innovation (FCLI)


Friday, June 7 at 5:00pm

Participants will receive an acceptance letter from the Distance & Alternative Education Office after the application deadline has passed.

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HyFlex Institute Agenda

9:00 am –

9:30 am

Topic: Orientation and Navigating the Course

Description: In this 30-minute workshop, we will provide an overview of the HyFlex Institute course website navigation and our goals for the sessions. 

9:30 am – 10:30 am Topic: Beginning Your Journey with HyFlex

Description: During this half-hour workshop, we’ll delve into the key components of a HyFlex approach. We’ll explore what sets it apart from conventional hybrid, online, or in-person teaching methods and dissect the core principles that shape HyFlex course design and its influence on your instructional choices. Workshop participants will select a course they currently teach, engage in design exercises, and craft a strategy for adapting their approach.

10:30 am-

11:30 pm

Topic: Strategies for Engagement

Description: In this hour-long workshop, we’ll explore relevant options to promote engagement in a HyFlex classroom.  Additionally, we will outline the anticipated workflow adjustments required for both faculty and students to facilitate these chosen engagement strategies across all modes of participation.

11:30 am-

12:00 pm

Topic: ACC HyFlex Technologies 

Description: During this half-hour workshop, we will cover the technologies available at ACC for delivering a HyFlex course. This includes the classroom setup of the teacher’s station, cameras, microphones, etc. Examples from several ACC campuses will be provided.

2:00 pm-

3:00 pm

Topic: Crafting Your HyFlex Delivery

Description: During this hour-long workshop, our focus will be on evaluating your student learning outcomes for a minimum of one HyFlex course. We will also pinpoint both available and required content resources for that course while strategizing for the integration of authentic assessment methods that can seamlessly function across all supported teaching modes.

3:00 pm –

4:00 pm

Session: Implementation Approaches

Description: In this hour-long workshop, we’ll delve into the factors that are likely to influence the execution of your HyFlex course, spanning faculty considerations, student dynamics, and the support systems in place (both technical and administrative). We’ll also contemplate crucial adjustments or new supportive elements that may become necessary. Lastly, we’ll explore the imperative of evaluating how HyFlex delivery impacts student engagement, performance, and its alignment with strategic and operational organizational objectives.

4:00 pm-

5:00 pm

Session: Evaluating your HyFlex Pilot

Description: During this one-hour workshop, we will work on crafting a preliminary evaluation plan for your HyFlex course. Additionally, we’ll pinpoint any lingering questions and concerns related to the implementation of HyFlex within your unique context.

One-On-One Meeting On Campus 
Book a Session Here Session: ACC HyFlex Technologies 

Description: In this 30-minute workshop, a demonstration of in-place technology will be provided from an ACC classroom.  We will cover the technologies available at ACC for delivering a HyFlex course. This includes the classroom setup of the teacher’s station, cameras, microphones, etc.  Faculty should bring their own lesson materials to test in the classroom.  This One-on-One meeting can take place on any campus of choice.

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