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Distance Education Syllabus Components

ACC Syllabus Guidelines

The ACC Syllabus website provides guidelines to ensure all syllabi meet ACC standards. For assistance in designing a course syllabus, please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page to set up a consultation.

In accordance with Texas House Bill 2504, each class must have an online syllabus accessible from the Course Schedule. Refer to the Lighthouse tutorial for instructions.


Syllabus Components

A well-designed syllabus cuts down on questions, saving time for both instructors and students. In addition to standard ACC syllabus components, a distance education course syllabus should include the following:

Let students know how to reach you:

    • Campus and virtual office hours
    • Contact methods (email/phone/Google Hangout/Skype/etc.)
    • Response time (ex: emails answered M-F within 24 hrs)
    • Weekend availability, if applicable

Define your communication policy:

    • What constitutes “attendance”
    • Faculty-student/student-student interaction expectations
    • How interactions will occur (discussion board, chat, other tools)
    • Participation standards (minimum number of discussion board posts per week, Netiquette guidelines)

Explain technology requirements:

    • Hardware/software needed
    • Blackboard support
    • Other technical support

Explain course procedures:

    • How the online classroom is organized
    • How students should proceed each week for class activities
    • How to submit assignments
    • File name conventions for documents/email
    • Course calendar/schedule
    • Turnaround time for grading assignments and tests
    • ACC Student Course Evaluation

Describe testing requirements:

Help for Distance Education students: