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Lilly-Austin Conference Archive

The Lilly Conference for College and University Teaching and Learning formed over 35 years ago with the purpose of providing a platform for presentations in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Austin has hosted the conference for the past eight years. The Lilly-Austin Conference is part of the Lilly series of conferences held in different cities nationally, and internationally. The Lilly-Austin Conference is not only a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop as educators, but also a great opportunity to network.

Participants come from across the United States, representing nearly every discipline found in higher education, including faculty and administrators. They are at various stages of their academic careers ranging from post­ doctoral positions, adjunct faculty, new faculty, mid­-career faculty, seasoned faculty, and even emeritus faculty. The conference maintains the same overall theme: “Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning.” Learn more.

Fall 2020

Lilly-Austin Conference Nov: 30th-Dec 4th, 2020

The Lilly-Austin Conference is an annual event focused on evidence-based teaching and learning. A total of 281 Austin Community College (ACC) faculty and staff virtually attended the conference in 2020. Every ACC Area of Study was represented. Chelsea Biggerstaff and Michelle Fitzpatrick of the Office of Faculty Development, presented on the ACC faculty onboarding program in a session titled: Faculty Development: Implementing a Faculty Orientation and Onboarding Program to Increase Student Success.


Notes and other materials shared from the session(s) attended can be viewed in the folder below:

Lilly 2020 Shareable Resources

Read how ACC attendees engaged with one another in the conference Padlet.


Lilly Conference 2020 Padlet

The Faculty Experience

“I always enjoy learning and comparing what we are doing at ACC versus other institutions. We are doing a great job!”


“I’m so grateful for another opportunity to learn from the best, to be inspired, to connect with colleagues, and to do so all from the comfort of my home–and for free!!”

“Great plenary speakers and asynchronous presentations that I am still reviewing!”


Spring 2020

Lilly-Austin Conference January 2020

Lilly-Austin Conference is an annual event focused on evidence-based teaching and learning. Austin Community College (ACC) faculty can apply for scholarships to attend the conference. A total of 68 ACC faculty and staff attended the conference in 2020: 42 attended on scholarship, 25 were sponsored as Teaching & Learning Academy fellows, and one used ACC’s discount code. Every ACC Area of Study was represented.


Some of the Lilly-Austin Conference presenters share their materials online. Visit the 2020 Lilly-Austin Sessions Handout page for more details.

100% of faculty would recommend the Lilly-Austin conference to other faculty.

100% of faculty felt they would be more effective in their role as a result of attending.

All Austin Community College (ACC) Areas of Study were represented.


Attendees received 16.5 hours of professional development and implemented the techniques and teaching tips they learned, such as:

    • Classroom preparation assignments
    • Portfolios as an assessment option
    • Using mindfulness practices in the classroom
    • Gamifying course material reviews
    • Distilling PowerPoint slides

lilly austin conference attendees group photo

Five ACC Faculty and Staff Presented

  1. Joyce Tolofari, Professional Nursing: Roundtable topic – Needs Assessment for Retention of African American Students in College
  2. Chelsea Biggerstaff and Jeff Johannigman, Faculty Development: Concurrent Session – Discovering Your Blind Spots: Teaching for All Students
  3. Felix Villarreal, Biology and Student Development: Concurrent Session – Learning Reinforced by Engagement, Discovery, and Reflection
  4. Amy Simons, Professional Nursing:  Concurrent Session – Transforming the Village, Partnering for Student Success
  5. Sarah Garcia-Portillo, Professional Nursing:  Poster Presentation – Topic: Incivility and Job Turnover in Newly Licensed Registered Nurses