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Collage of professors teaching. "A journey into the art of teaching"

Teaching & Learning Academy Graduates

The Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA) had over 50 graduates this 2020-2021 year! Since 2019, over 100 faculty have graduated from the TLA.


2020-2021 Yearlong Program 


    • Aaron Delgado, Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
    • Adrian Rodriguez, Adjunct Professor, Physics, Astronomy and Engineering
    • Amy Moreland, Adjunct Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
    • Amy Hopkins, Adjunct Professor, Fashion Design
    • Brittany Blomberg, Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science and Technology
    • Carrie Kaplan, Adjunct Professor, Drama
    • Carrie Gits, Librarian, Library Services
    • Caryn Newburger, Professor, English
    • Christina McCourt, Librarian, Library Services
    • Courtney Ahrenholtz, Associate Professor, Marketing
    • Elizabeth Warren, Instructor and part-time program coordinator, Continuing Education
    • Erica Lindy, Adjunct Professor, Fashion Design
    • Gaye Shook-Hughes, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
    • Helen Dailey, Adjunct Professor, Student Development
    • Hoda Tavakoli, Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
    • James (Jed) Stephens, Professor, Communication Studies
    • Jennifer Zuba, Adjunct Professor, English
    • Jeremy Donald, Librarian, Library Services
    • JoAnn Schrass, Adjunct Professor, Biology
    • Jorge Lopez-McKnight, Librarian, Library Services
    • Katherine Stingley, Adjunct Professor, English and Journalism
    • Kathleen Shapley, Adjunct Professor, Business, Government, Technical Communications and Accounting
    • Katie Campbell, Adjunct Professor, Child Care and Development
    • Kevin Clark, Adjunct Professor, Communication Studies & Student Development
    • Kristine Hollingsworth, Adjunct Professor, Biology
    • Lindsay Rerecich, Adjunct Professor, English
    • Maria Kelly, Professor, Diagnostic Medical Imaging- Radiology
    • Mary Havens, Librarian, Library Services
    • Morgan Sanders, Adjunct Professor, Music
    • Nancy Ejuma, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
    • Natalie Andreas, Adjunct Professor, Business, Government, & Technical Communications
    • Paul Smith, Adjunct Professor, Exercise Science, Student Development
    • Paula Talley, Adjunct Professor, Mathematics and Student Development
    • Ranju Bimali, Adjunct Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Robert Milne, Adjunct Professor, Government
    • Rubi Medina, Adjunct Professor, Sociology and Student Development
    • Sadaf Sajjad, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
    • Silke Morin, Assistant Professor, Biology
    • Stephanie Martin, Assistant Professor, Biology
    • Stephanie Todd, Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Valeria Flint, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
    • Zachary Denton, Adjunct Professor, Government

Summer 2020-2021 Program


    • Angela Niedermyer, Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies
    • Anne Fletcher, Adjunct Professor, Developmental Writing
    • Barbara (Prema) Strecker, Adjunct Faculty, Dental Hygiene
    • Chad Henrichs, Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Medical Services Professions
    • Daira Wilson, Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Joyce Tolofari, Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Kristin Gebhard, Adjunct Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Laura May, Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
    • Lillian Huerta, Adjunct Faculty, Student Development
    • Megan McGregor, Professor, History
    • Richard Espinosa, Professor and Department Chair, Allied Health Sciences
    • Samantha Soebbing, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
    • Shelley Mitchell, Professor, Professional Nursing
    • Tenea Harvey, Associate Professor, Professional Nursing

2019-2020 TLA Graduates