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Faculty Evaluation Revision Updates

The Administrative Rules establishing the revised faculty evaluation process were approved by the college Academic and Student Affairs Council in April 2023 and by the Chancellor in May 2023. Below, you will find a summary of the transition plan to the revised system and short documents that summarize the changes that are coming.

First and most importantly: Faculty evaluations will continue as usual under the existing system for the academic year 2023-2024. 

The new revisions (Administrative Rule 4.1201.02: Faculty Evaluation and Administrative Rule Guideline/Procedure 4.1201.02.1: Faculty Evaluation (G/P)) will go into effect in Fall 2024: faculty will begin submitting evaluation materials under the revised system for academic year 2024-2025 and the first evaluations under this system will take place in Fall 2025

Faculty Evaluation Transition Calendar


    • Continue with current evaluation systemno changes yet, evaluations occur as usual in Spring
    • Departments will make decisions and plan for the new system
    • Communication and training for faculty and departments on the new system
    • Detailed documentation posted on the new system

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025: Begin submitting materials

    • Discontinue current evaluation system
    • Faculty begin submitting evaluation materials according to the new system
    • Scheduled Spring 2025 faculty evaluations will move to Fall 2025 and will use the new process
    • Training for faculty and evaluators

Fall 2025 – Spring 2026: New evaluation process begins

    • Faculty materials from AY 2024-2025 are evaluated for the first time with new process during Fall 2025
    • Special case: Full-time faculty in their first 3 years teaching at ACC are evaluated during Summer 2025
    • Most evaluations will be returned at the end of the Fall semester

For further information:  When the revised Faculty Evaluation Manual is completed, that will also be posted here. Sometime in early 2024  new faculty evaluation webpages will be posted to replace the existing pages as well. Below are several short summaries of the changes and important related information:

Please feel free to contact Marcus McGuff at or Gale Spear at with any questions.