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Faculty Values

Faculty Values

Faculty Values Supporting Student Success

To fulfill the educational mission of Austin Community College, we, the faculty, champion the following shared values:

We support a Culture of Collaboration, Community Building, and Service with our students, colleagues, and the greater community

We Advocate Access and Inclusion

We Promote Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, and Empowerment

We Advance Scholarship, Learning, and the Assessment of our Work

We Support Student Success through Exemplary Teaching & Lifelong Learning

As we embody these values, we cultivate an environment of mutual trust, esteem, and respect.

As a faculty, we have defined each of our values with clarifying statements and examples of potential ways to envision our values in action. These examples are not inclusive of ways our faculty can demonstrate our values.


Exemplary teaching is core to student success. We strive to implement evidence-based practices that promote active and engaged lifelong learning.



Regularly reflecting on our academic and pedagogical/andragogical approaches is essential as we assess our work as a faculty of educators and counselors. We engage in continual improvement in our fields of expertise and teaching in general.



Creating and guiding the learning experience is the responsibility of the faculty. We value academic freedom as fundamental for us to be empowering agents of education.


Access and inclusion are imperative to serve the full range of our diverse communities. We infuse culturally responsive practices in our work to honor every individual’s potential.



Learning from each other and respecting varied viewpoints is vital to accomplishing shared goals and is a hallmark of a healthy college. We seek civil collegiality within our college and community.



Faculty engagement encourages student engagement and success. We actively support our students, departments, college, and community by sharing our time and expertise.

Faculty Values in Action

ACC Faculty Values play a significant role in the professional development and programming of faculty development and more at ACC. The following are examples of intentional efforts made to ensure we are not only practicing our values, but also creating a culture that supports the ACC Faculty Values:


The Faculty Senate and Adjunct Faculty Association collaborated during the Fall 2017 semester bringing faculty together to discuss and define ACC Faculty Core Values. The goal of this effort was to shape future faculty programming and realign ACC processes such as professional development, instructor/course evaluations, new faculty orientation, and shared governance so that they reflect and support Faculty Values and roles in the College.

In these dialogues, faculty explored questions such as:

    • What are the most important elements in your role as a faculty member at ACC?
    • What do you invest your time and effort in?
    • What goals are important as you teach?
    • How do you serve your students, the college, and our community?

101 faculty participated in crafting these values through over 40 hours and 16 dialogue events. Following that, a committee of faculty volunteers gathered feedback and further refined the values statement and logo. Learn more about the best practices we followed in our Criteria on Assessing Core Values.

Faculty Values Comments

The first version of the Faculty Values has been completed. Understanding that this is a working document we are collecting ongoing feedback and/or comments from our faculty to ensure we provide every opportunity to ensure we are including the majority of the faculty voice in our values.

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