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Innovation Grants

Austin Community College (ACC) provides funds to individual faculty, groups of faculty, and professional-technical staff for projects that focus on enhancing the learning environment. There are two criteria all proposals must meet in order to be considered for an Innovation Grant:

    1. The project must focus on enhancing the learning environment for students.
    2. The project must propose to do something new or in a new way.
For any questions about the Innovation Grants process, please contact:
Matt Evins, Director, Instructional Technology & Digital Resources
512-223-7564 –

Step 1 Plan Your Grant

The entire grant process can be divided into three major steps: planning, applying, and awards. During the planning and applying steps, you are required to fill out two forms: first, a planning report; second, an application (with a proposed budget).

Post-Proposal Activities:

If you receive notification that you grant is awarded, you will need to fill out three additional forms: funding requests, followed by semesterly status reports and finally an evaluation report.

1. Review Sample Applications

Sample #1

Sample #2

2. Complete and submit Planning Report

Innovation Grant Step 1 – Planning Report form

Step 2 Applying for Funding

    1. Write the Proposal Narrative
    2. Prepare Budget
    3. Obtain Letters of Support
    4. Gather Statements of Qualifications for project team
    5. Complete and submit Application

Step 3 Manage Award

    1. Application Review & Award
    2. Committee Information (Project Review Checklist, Award Notice)
    3. Submit Funding Requests
    4. Submit Status Reports
    5. Complete Project and Submit Evaluation Report.