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Office of Faculty Evaluation

The Office of Faculty Evaluation maintains and implements Austin Community College (ACC) District faculty evaluation timelines and procedures recommended by the Faculty Development and Evaluation shared governance committee. Evaluation is required for faculty counselors, full-time/adjunct faculty, and faculty librarians. The evaluation process is intended to provide feedback to faculty on the effectiveness of their classroom instruction and aid in the development of their professional development plans.

Office of Faculty Evaluation offers assistance with the following:

    • Performance evaluation of faculty counselors, full-time and adjunct faculty, and faculty librarians. Please contact Records and Information Management for past faculty evaluation records (e.g. past Faculty Evaluation Summary Forms).
    • Evaluation of courses for each semester.

Visit the Faculty Evaluation page for information on performance evaluation procedures and requirements.

Visit the Course Evaluation page for information on course evaluation procedures, calendars, and the latest updates.



Faculty Evaluation Procedures (PDF) – Austin Community College (ACC) values quality teaching and the importance of a learning environment that helps faculty grow by supporting the continuous improvement of the teaching skills of the faculty. This manual contains details about the ACC evaluation process.

Note: The Faculty Evaluation Procedures manual is outdated. The Faculty Evaluation Redesign Working Group is currently reviewing it and will make recommendations.

Portfolio Procedures (PDF) – Complete details on the portfolio process are provided in the Portfolio Procedures as well as in the Evaluations Procedures.

Classroom Observation Procedures (PDF) – New full-time faculty members must receive an in-class observation. Procedures for conducting in-class observations, elements of effective classroom instruction, and definitions from observation checklists can be found here.