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Extended Reality (XR) – FIG

TLED and the Office of Academic Technology will be supporting the organization of Faculty Interest Groups with the goal of engaging diverse faculty, building community, encouraging leadership, and facilitating implementation of technology. Less formal than Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Learning Communities, these groups aim to provide participants with occasions for networking and forming cross-disciplinary connections related to a topic(s) of mutual interest.

Open to all instructors, full or part-time, as well as staff with a particular interest in the topic, groups are structured to provide encouragement, support, and reflection. Each group will meet twice per semester for an academic year to address a pedagogy or academia-related topic of mutual interest. At the end of the year, each group will share its findings with the college community in some fashion.

Typically these sessions will include some sort of brief pre-work like reading an article and then the meeting time will be reserved for a discussion or presentations from ACC faculty members. We will trade best practices, share ideas for incorporating the topics in our coursework or personal work, and investigate new technology and methods in a collegiate and informal setting. Groups will decide amongst themselves if it’s best to meet over Zoom or face-to-face.

Sharing experiences and ideas for integrating Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in the classroom.

Tentative topics include:

  • The rapidly changing landscape of XR technologies and content
  • Including XR as a tool for learning
  • XR creation
  • XR best practices for teaching and learning
  • Using the virtual space for community building

For more information, please contact Stephanie Bogdanich

Meeting Dates and Topics

Time Frame: One Academic Year

Assuming that 3 of these meetings will be in person and 3 will be virtual. Once the participants have been identified, we will determine as a group which meeting will meet virtually and in person and finalize the meeting information at that time.

Topic 1: The State of XR at ACC
Date & Time: 9/23/22, 1pm

Topic 2: Academic Programs leading the way outside of ACC, looking at examples
Date & Time: 11/18/22

Topic 3: Using the virtual space for community building
Date & Time: 2/3/23

Topic 4: Tools we have to create XR
Date & Time:4/28/23

Topic 5: Ideas for using XR in our own classrooms
Date & Time: 6/9/23

Topic 6: Best practices for XR in our own classrooms
Date & Time: 7/21/23

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