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Inspire Academic Alert

What is Inspire Academic Alert?

Austin Community College (ACC) is committed to student success and retention. If a student stops attending, misses assignments, or does poorly on tests, faculty can use the Academic Alert System as an intervention tool.  Academic Alert is a feature of Inspire, a comprehensive student support system, that allows ACC faculty to easily and quickly communicate with students needing extra support. Faculty can identify students who are having challenges and connect them with academic guidance specialists to help them resolve issues and access resources to help students persist. It can also be used to commend students who are doing well or showing improvement in class. Alerts will go directly to the student and the assigned guidance specialist.

The goal is to quickly identify the types of support a student may need to get on track to successfully complete the course and motivate students to continue to excel.

ACC faculty participated in designing the options, and templates available in the alert system. Inspire Academic Alert is available through Blackboard. A select group of ACC faculty piloted Inspire Academic Alert in Spring 2022. For questions about the pilot, please contact David Fonken (

Why Use Inspire Academic Alert?

To support students’ best chance at success, it is important to monitor student engagement scores throughout the semester and identify those students who are beginning to struggle.



With Inspire Academic Alert ACC faculty can:

    • build greater rapport with students
    • create a greater sense of accountability
    • foster a sense of caring and belonging for the student
    • communicate student value
    • increase and enhance individual student performance
    • receive positive feedback from students
    • increase student success rates

How to Access Inspire Academic Alert

Direct Link

Faculty can also access Inspire Academic Alert through the direct link. Your ACCeID is required to log in. Please choose “login with netid” and enter your ACC credentials if requested.



Getting Started with Inspire Academic Alert


Please review the guides. The guides will help you get started and answer basic questions about Academic Alert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For questions or assistance with Inspire Academic Alert, please contact Matthew Figg via