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Current TLED Projects and Initiatives

TLED projects and initiatives include its annual theme to promote specific topics in higher education, new pilot programs to support faculty and students, the Faculty Handbook review project, and General Assembly.

ACC Data Summit

The collegewide data summit will be focused on the results of Chancellor Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart’s 100-day listening and data-gathering sessions to launch a new direction for all employees focused on ‘The North Star.’

The theory of change and 100-Day Report will serve as the framework for this summit. The Chancellor will share information about our redefined college values developed by ACC students, describe the state of the college through data visualization, and outline our work going forward to ‘love our students to success’….together.

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TLED Frameworks to Address Changes for Senate Bill (SB) 17

In June of 2023, the 88th Texas State Legislature passed and signed into law Senate Bill 17 “relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at public institutions of higher education.” The law goes into effect on January 1, 2024, and amends Texas Education Code 51.5325 effective January 1, 2024.

Learn more about how TLED is addressing these changes to adhere to SB 17.

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2022-23 TLED Print Calendar: JUST BE

Each year, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) picks a theme. The theme guides TLED’s work in professional development, projects, and communications, including our infamous wall calendar.

This year’s theme is “JUST BE.”

2021 - 2022 Annual Theme: The Power of Purpose and Belonging in Student Success


Each year, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) picks a theme designed to inspire faculty to take a deep dive into higher education issues. The theme guides TLED’s work in professional development, projects, and communications, including our infamous wall calendar.

AY22’s theme is “The Power of Purpose & Belonging in Student Success.” More will be shared on this topic throughout the year via speaker series, podcasts, events, newsletters, videos, and social media.

Austin Community College (ACC) Ad Astra Platinum Analytics


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The purpose of this plan is to define and organize the implementation plan for the Ad Astra Platinum Analytics tool, including IT system integration, system documentation, training, business procedures, and data analysis.

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ACC Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions

The proposed revisions for faculty evaluation were driven by faculty and designed by faculty, evolving from the Faculty Development and Evaluation Task Force’s 2018 survey on faculty development and evaluation needs. The proposed revisions are offered by the Faculty Evaluation Work Group, a sub-committee of the Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee, as a starting point to use for a collegewide discussion to craft a meaningful, equitable, transparent, reflective evaluation process for adjunct and full-time faculty. These proposed revisions address the evaluation process. Student course evaluations will be addressed during Academic Year 2022-2023.

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Badging Pilot

The concept of virtual badging has been in existence since the 1990s as a way to recognize users for their acquisition and mastery of skills, providing them with the ability to showcase their achievements by receiving and displaying graphical awards. Since its inception, badging has been picked up in both education as well as within the workforce as a way to match job openings with potentially better-qualified applicants. While there are many vendors that provide badging services, and each having their own pros/cons, the concept is the same: master a skill, receive a badge. The importance in badging, however, is not the quantity of badges that a user receives, but rather the quality of the badge.

This pilot was designed as a way to explore the logistical aspects, technical needs, and other facets under which Austin Community College as an organization can create, award, and maintain the issuing of badges to students, faculty, and staff for their ongoing development and mastery of skills.

Phase 1 Final Report – Fall 2020

The Phase 1 final report provides a summary of phase 1 and includes the next identified steps including recommending technology vendors.

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Phase 2 Final Report – Summer 2021

Phase 2 was developed on findings from the Phase 1 final report, building the momentum and success of the first phase of the Badging @ACC Pilot.

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Faculty Handbook Review Project


TLED is working collaboratively with ACC faculty to review and update the Faculty Handbook, view the page to learn more.

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General Assembly


Each Fall semester Austin Community College employees from across the district gather at General Assembly to hear key college updates. This event helps connect the dots between an employee’s daily work and the strategic plan of the College. All ACC faculty and staff are invited to register and attend. To view previous General Assembly outlines go here.


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Inspire Academic Alert


Inspire Academic Alert is a component of the Inspire comprehensive student support system.  This component allows faculty to identify students who are experiencing challenges so they can work with them and connect them to academic guidance specialists for extra support.  The system also can commend students who are doing well or showing improvements in their academic performance.



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Miro Pilot

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During the Spring 2022 semester (January 10, 2022 – May 13, 2022), selected faculty and the students enrolled in their courses will participate in a pilot of Miro, an interactive whiteboard tool used for real-time, visual collaboration.

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