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Miro Pilot


During the Spring 2022 semester (January 10, 2022 – May 13, 2022), selected faculty and the students enrolled in their courses will participate in a pilot of Miro, an interactive whiteboard tool used for real-time, visual collaboration. Participating students and faculty will be provided with free access to the premium version of Miro that can be used for collaborative whiteboard activities as a way of increasing student engagement.

Access to Miro will be provided for the duration of the Spring semester. After that time, the pilot will end and access to the premium version of Miro will be revoked. Participants wishing to retain content from their Miro profile will need to create a free account and transfer the content from the pilot into their free account or choose to pay for the premium version (at the user’s expense). Please direct questions to

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Faculty Participation

Faculty chosen to participate must agree to the following:

  1. Ensure that their course(s) include 2-3 assignments requiring the use of Miro during the semester-long pilot. This assignment can include concept mapping, strategy and planning, workflows, brainstorming, sticky notes, or any other whiteboarding activity either during or outside of class time.
  2. Encourage students to activate their accounts beginning on the first day of the Spring 2022 term.
  3. Faculty will use Miro for whiteboarding or engagement activities during the Spring 2022 semester and encourage students to use Miro on their own time for project planning, brainstorming, or other group work.
  4. Provide feedback via a survey at the midpoint and at the end of the Miro pilot regarding student success and tool usability.

In support of faculty participation in the pilot of Miro, faculty who successfully complete all of the above requirements will be eligible for a $300 stipend.

Student Participation

Students who are enrolled in participating courses will be asked to use Miro for whiteboarding activities during and outside of class time. Requiring students to utilize Miro will be at the discretion of the participating instructor and will not be enforced by the Office of Academic Technology.

At the conclusion of the pilot, students will be asked to complete a survey regarding their experience with whiteboarding using Miro.

Students will not be compensated for their participation in the pilot. However, students will be offered the ability to enter a raffle for a $50 gift card by completing the survey at the conclusion of the pilot.

Apply to Participate

5-7 faculty will participate in the Miro Pilot. Applications are closed.


October 25, 2021 Applications open
November 4, 2021 Miro Vendor Demonstration
November 12, 2021 Application deadline
November 19, 2021 Faculty notified of acceptance
December 3, 2021 Meet and greet, Q&A session with faculty 
January 12-21, 2022 Faculty and student account creation
March 1, 2022 Mid-semester Evaluation survey goes out to faculty
March 13, 2022 Mid-semester Evaluation survey closes 
May 1, 2022 Final Evaluation survey goes out to faculty and students
May 13, 2022 Final Evaluation survey closes