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ACC Data Summit

AFTER the 2024 ACC Data Summit

We want to thank everyone who attended ACC’s first Data Summit. Find below all the Data Summit materials such as the presentation, videos, and the Summit homework. For any questions, please email

Post-Summit Activities

As part of the Summit, we have homework to accomplish! Please review the first document for an overview of the ACC Values and Theory of Change. Use the second document as a discussion guide with your team.

During the Data Summit, you should have received a copy of the book Classby author Stephanie Land. If you didn’t get a book yet, copies are still available. Contact your nearest ACC Library to arrange a time to pick up your copy.

Data Summit Presentation Materials:

Day of Video Recordings & Photo Album

All of the videos presented at the Summit, including the recording of the entire Summit are linked below.

View Data Summit Videos

Note: Please use your ACC credentials to access the recordings.

 View Photo Album

Supporting Data Summit Videos & Materials

2024 Data Summit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For any questions about the Data Summit event, please email