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Faculty Handbook Review Project

Our handbooks provide a detailed overview of policies, procedures, and guidelines specific to Austin Community College (ACC). In 2018, we identified the need for significant revision and updates of the ACC Faculty Handbook, and TLED subsequently became process holder for this document, assigning the work of coordination to our Senior Faculty Publications Editor.

With many College changes and shifts throughout the Pathways initiatives, the Faculty Handbook required a significant overhaul, and we convened a small workgroup with representation from staff in key content areas: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Administrative Services.  We needed to ensure information was updated for such matters as Culturally Responsive Teaching, Areas of Study, Program Maps, Student Support, and changes in Student Affairs processes.

The workgroup collected updated content and recommended a process for review and maintenance of the Handbook. Other considerations included aligning or merging alternative handbooks for faculty (e.g., Distance Education, Faculty Evaluation, Experiential Learning), clarification of differing faculty resources (e.g., handbooks, guidelines, Administrative Rules), and unique information for faculty librarians and faculty counselors.

During 2019, the workgroup members reviewed their respective content areas and submitted updated material for editing and formatting.  A DRAFT was submitted in March of 2020—just before the pandemic and its subsequent disruption.  The COVID-19 pandemic delayed our review process, but we are now ready to launch this DRAFT and solicit your input on what might be missing, or how we can make information more clear.

We would like to have faculty review and offer feedback on the content by July 15th, 2021.

Proposed New Timeline

    • June 10 – July 15, 2021 – Solicit faculty feedback on the content
    • June 10 – July 31, 2021 – Complete updates and develop online Faculty Handbook
    • August 1 – Soft launch of online Faculty Handbook 
    • August 15 – Launch new online Faculty Handbook 
    • Add Ongoing Critical Updates form to final website
    • Yearly Review by Stakeholders


To review the current draft of the Faculty Handbook, please sign in with your ACCeID.

View Working Document


After reviewing the draft, please submit any feedback via the form link below.

Submit Feedback

Note: View a copy of the current Faculty Handbook for reference. Additional information on the current Faculty Handbook can be found on the ACC Human Resources Faculty Handbook page.


Please email for any questions.