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Distance Education Administrative Policies

For any questions on administrative policies, please email

ACC Administrative Rules

Austin Community College District recognizes that distance education provides or enhances access to higher education. In addition, the College acknowledges that evolving technology has provided and will continue to provide opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom.

Review the administrative rule for details.

Distance Education Best Practices [AR 4.01.001]



Full-Time Faculty Workload [AR 4.03.004]

  • Section 4: Instructional Faculty
    • A. Assignment
    • K. Office Hours
  • Section 6: Distance Education Courses
    • A. Computing LEH and Compensation

Faculty Evaluation [AR 6.07.001]

Accrediting Agencies

Distance education courses, certificates, and degree programs should adhere to best practices established by the accrediting agencies and organizations that govern ACC.

Southern Regional Education Board

Texas is one of sixteen states participating in SREB’s Electronic Campus. All courses and programs listed in the Electronic Campus are reviewed against SREB’s Principles of Good Practice by the offering college.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

All ACC certificate and degree programs offered via Distance Education are subject to the review and approval of the THECB.

Texas State Legislature

House Bill 2504 requires public institutions of higher education to publish course syllabus information and Curriculum Vitae for each instructor on the Internet.


Refer to the Lighthouse tutorial for additional information and instructions. If you need help uploading a syllabus to Lighthouse please contact an Educational Technologist.

Distance Education Committee

The Distance Education Committee:

  • Reviews policies and guidelines, and recommends changes to support quality distance education programs.
  • Establishes standards of good practice for distance education course development and delivery based on SACS and THECB guidelines.



  • Assists in the analysis of evaluation for distance education student support services, and recommends changes to improve activities and outcomes.
  • Advises staff on faculty development and resources needed to design, develop and implement quality distance education courses.