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ACC Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions – Faculty Evaluation Work Group Members

The proposed revisions are offered by the Faculty Evaluation Work Group, a sub-committee of the Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee, as a starting point to use for a collegewide discussion to craft a meaningful, equitable, transparent, reflective evaluation process for adjunct and full-time faculty. Members are from across different areas of the college.

FDEC Faculty Evaluation Work Group Members

Name Title Email address Group Status
Christie Carr Associate Adjunct Professor Member
Christopher Morgan Associate Adjunct Professor, English Member
Colleen Hosking Associate Professor, Mathematics Member
Deshaunta Stewart Dean, Liberal Arts – Social and Behavioral Sciences Member
Don Gwynn Department Chair, Emergency Med Svcs Professions Member
Frank Curry Professor, Professional Photography Member
Dale Toler Department Chair, Criminal Justice Member
Gale Spear Professor, Child Development Manager
Gail Bayeta Associate Professor, Visual Communication Member
Giao Phan Dean, Public and Social Services Member
Heather Syrett Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair, General Studies and Student Development Member
Julz Decker Associate Professor, Government Member
Jesse Saunders Librarian Member
Joyce Tolofari Associate Professor, Professional Nursing Member
Karina Parlato Assistant Professor, Accounting Member
Kazel Morgan Professor, English Member
Mary Kohls Department Chair, Computer Studies Member
Sandra McCrary Marshall Department Chair, Vocational Nursing Member
Marcus McGuff Professor, Mathematics Manager
Mariela Prato-Williams Associate Professor, Spanish Member
Ping Chu Adjunct Professor, Psychology Member
Regina McGough Department Chair, Child Care & Dev, Educational Instruction Member
Shih-Ting Lee Adjunct Professor, Student Development Manager
Stephanie Long Department Chair, Geospatial Engineering, Geographic Information Systems Member
Theresa Glenn Professor, Communication Studies Owner