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Austin Community College faculty at the 2017 Project ACC Summer Institute

ACC Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions – Proposed Exemplary Teaching Statement

In our research, the Faculty Evaluation Work Group found that institutions with more equitable evaluation systems had a statement explaining what is expected of their teaching faculty. Since a fair evaluation system requires that faculty know what is expected, the Faculty Evaluation Work Group drafted the following statement to capture the expectations of faculty teaching at ACC. (We suspect that most faculty demonstrate these qualities currently.)

ACC faculty are committed to exemplary teaching that engenders student success and is guided by ACC Faculty Values. Intentionally using innovative, evidence-based teaching practices, faculty creatively foster critical thinking, student engagement, learning, persistence, achievement, and sense of purpose. While cultivating a culture of belonging and inclusiveness for all students, faculty pursue excellence and continuous improvement in course design, teaching strategies, assessment and feedback, and student learning.

To meet the highest level of exemplary practice, faculty seek out new strategies to intentionally nurture and respect learners’ strengths, interests, needs, and cultures. Faculty commit to continuous mastery of their disciplines and teaching pedagogy as well as engagement in ongoing reflective practices in support of lifelong learning.

The Faculty Evaluation Work Group recommends that in evaluating a faculty member’s instructional performance, evaluators should refer back to the elements in the Exemplary Teaching Statement, which we aligned to our faculty values.

    • Culture of inclusivity (inclusion)
    • Foster critical thinking (empowerment and teaching)
    • Student engagement, learning, achievement, and sense of purpose
    • Course design (teaching, scholarship, empowerment)
    • Assessment and feedback (teaching, inclusion)
    • Teaching strategies (teaching, scholarship)
    • Continuous improvement (collaboration, scholarship, teaching, empowerment)
    • Mastery of discipline (teaching, scholarship)
    • Reflective practices that support lifelong learning (scholarship)

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For any questions, please email Marcus McGuff at or Gale Spear at To submit feedback on the proposed faculty evaluation components, please use the submit feedback links listed on the page.