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ACC Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions – Goals for Professional Development and Growth

The purpose of the Goals for Professional Development and Growth is to both fulfill the college’s professional development requirements and to establish professional growth goals related to your role as an ACC faculty member. Please use this form to plan your goals for the next 3 years; this form is due in year 3 of the 3-year faculty evaluation cycle. These goals might change over that time period, so in your Faculty Reflection Form you will be asked to briefly describe what professional development activities you have engaged in that semester as well as how your interests and plans are changing from these goals.

College requirements for annual professional development hours can be found here. In particular, please note that your professional development each year will come from the following components:

All current/continuing Full-Time Faculty are required to complete 12 hours of professional development each calendar year, distributed over three categories:

  1. Professional Development required by the College for all employees, primarily due to legal and governmental compliance regulations. Up to 4 hours may be included in this category each year, as applicable.
  2. Professional Development directly related to supporting best practices in Teaching and Learning, Counseling or Information Science, as applicable. A minimum of five hours should be from this category each year. Development activities should be aligned with and reflect the following key values:
      • Develop evidence-based, culturally responsive teaching and learning environments to reach diverse student populations.
      • Develop excellence in instruction through high-impact teaching/counseling practices.
      • Use innovative and emerging strategies and technologies to advance the campus-based and online student-centered classroom.
      • Develop assessment tools that are responsive to student’s needs.
      • Participate in continuous improvement through a culture of research, planning, engagement, and equity.
  3. Professional Development related to professional or personal growth and development of the faculty member. Up to 3 hours may be included in this category each year. Selections from this category should be approved by the supervisor (ordinarily the department chair) each year as part of the faculty member’s professional development plan.

While a total of 12 hours of professional development are required each year, faculty members are encouraged to take additional hours to improve their performance, enhance their ability to perform their job duties, and to support employee satisfaction. However, employees may only roll over into the next academic year a maximum of three hours. Hours rolled into the next year will fall into the same category in which they were originally completed.

All current/continuing Adjunct Faculty are required to complete four hours of professional development each year. After completion of professional development required by the College for all employees, primarily due to legal and governmental compliance regulations, any remaining Professional Development should be selected from activities directly related to supporting best practices in Teaching and Learning.

All new ACC employees are required to complete training in key topics that have been determined by the administration as mandatory based upon legal requirements, risk factors, and the need for safe and healthy College operations. These topics are listed below. Following initial completion, continuing faculty are expected to maintain refresher training in these topics; the topics may be staggered thereafter by continuing employees, with half of them taken every other year. The topics are offered online in Workday Learning.

Your Goals for Professional Development and Growth

Identify your goal(s) for professional development and growth. Briefly discuss why you chose this/these goal(s) and how you hope this will impact your teaching or other faculty duties.

Example goals:

I want to include more peer-to-peer interactions or I want to use more active learning activities in my classes.

Identify specific activities you will take to reach your goal(s)

Consider what training is available within your department, from TLED, or within ACC, as well as other external resources such as those offered in your industry or professional/trade associations.


Provide your approximate timeline for completing them.

Are there any additional resources beyond those currently offered by the college that you will need to reach your goals? If so, please list them here.

Submit Feedback for Your Goals for Professional Development and Growth.


For any questions, please email Marcus McGuff at or Gale Spear at To submit feedback on the proposed faculty evaluation components, please use the submit feedback links listed on the page.