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Copyright Ownership: Scope of Policy

Copyright Administrative Rules

This policy governs the respective ownership rights of the College and all of its employees, both academic and non-academic, in copyright material produced within the scope of employment or otherwise arising out of the participation of individuals, including students, in the activities of the College.

While the College will not assert its ownership interest in scholarly and academic Works created by members of the faculty who use generally available College resources, the College does assert ownership of copyright able Work where significant College resources are utilized in the creation of the Work or in other circumstances as required pursuant to an agreement with a third party or where the Work is a work made for hire. Generally available resources include one’s office, office computer, telephone (excluding long-distance charges), library and other resources that may be included in the accompanying Copyright Ownership Agreement Form.

This Policy is specifically applicable to the creation of technology-mediated courseware in any form and format, including but not limited to video and Internet-based materials. However, this Policy is not intended to affect the compensation of faculty and other College personnel involved in the delivery of instruction independent of the ownership of the courseware that may underlie such instruction.

View ACC’s Copyright Ownership Administrative Rule PDF for further information.