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Software and Copyright at ACC

U.S. Copyright Office: Copyright and Digital Files FAQs

ACC expects students, faculty and staff to honor software licensing agreements with computer software licensees and to adhere to intellectual property (copyright) laws. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Restricting the number of machines the software is installed on.
    • Limiting the number of copies to that specified in the end user license agreement (EULA).
    • Only installing college software on appropriate ACC machines.
    • Refrain from sharing any backup copies with other users.

Students, faculty and staff are expected to read and abide by any license agreements for software they have purchased and to maintain on site copy of proof of ownership or license agreement.

Some uses that are often permitted:

    • Unrestricted use, duplication and sharing of public domain software.
    • Making one copy of software for backup use if original is damaged or lost.
    • Checking out software from a non-profit library for non-profit purposes (care should be made to monitor that it is not being copied for retention after the check out period).
    • Using, copying, duplication and sharing source software within the guidelines of its publicized creative commons license.