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Faculty Talent Onboarding Alumni

Faculty Talent Onboarding Alumni earned a certificate for completing the entire Austin Community College (ACC) onboarding experience.

AY21 Certificate Holders

  • LaKisha Barrett, Full Time Professor, Biology
  • Jasmine Cruz, Full Time Professor, Mathematics
  • Rebecca Czuchry, Full Time Professor, History
  • Ryan Davidson, Full Time Professor, English
  • Gregory Dawson, Librarian, Library Services
  • Yousif Del Valle, Full Time Professor, Art
  • Kelsi Dillon, Full Time Professor, Medical Lab Technology
  • Mario Jara, Full Time Professor, Professional Nursing
  • Jennifer Laine, Full Time Professor, Professional Nursing
  • Tessa Livingstone, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Jorge Lopez-McKnight, Librarian, Library Services
  • Heather Miller, Full Time Professor, Environmental Science & Tech
  • Sajjad Mohsin, Full Time Professor, Computer Science
  • Lisa Moore, Full Time Professor, Professional Nursing
  • Rania Salman, Full Time Professor, Child Care & Dev
  • Jennifer Sapio, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Amber Sarker, Full Time Professor, Student Development
  • Katharine Susman, Full Time Professor, Computer Science
  • Kissaou Tchedre, Full Time Professor, Biology
  • Megan Wallace, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Alex Watkins, Adjunct Professor, English

AY20 Certificate Holders

  • David Alexander, Professor, Welding
  • Curtis Baack, Professor, History
  • JoAnna Brown, Professor and Dual Credit Coordinator, Government
  • Mickell Bruce, Professor, Mathematics
  • Karen Conness, Professor and Dual Credit Liason, English
  • Joseph Cox, Adjunct Professor, Dance
  • Mary Cox, Adjunct Professor, Nursing
  • Bryant Currie, Professor, Culinary Arts
  • James Daniels, Professor, Fire Protection
  • Shannon Debord, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Mary Demellier, Professor, Nursing
  • Bernardo Diaz, Professor, Art
  • Sherrie Edwards, Professor, Nursing
  • Valeria Flint, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Rita Gomez, Adjunct Professor, Communication Studies
  • Matthew Isaacson, Professor, Art
  • Darren Jackson, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Lei Ji, Professor, Economics
  • Kimberly Klotz, Adjunct Professor, Pharmacy Technician
  • Athena Lemus-Wilson, Professor, Biology
  • Fred Lover, Professor, Computer Information Technology
  • Bernadette Martinez, Adjunct Professor, Dental Hygiene
  • Herman Massad, Professor, Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiology
  • Megan McGregor, Professor, History
  • Zachary Nolen, Professor, Biology
  • Kyle Nutter, Professor, Welding
  • Mohammed Partapurwala, Professor, Economics
  • Jose Rodriguez, Adjunct Professor, Biology
  • Perry Siegel, Adjunct Professor, Biology
  • Victoria Taylor, Department Chair, Professor, Fashion Design