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Distance Education Section Note Procedures

The Office of Distance & Alternative Education works with instructional departments to adhere to the schedule development timeline. Departments may choose to enter their own Section Notes, or request the Distance & Alternative Education Administrative Assistant to enter the note.


To ensure adequate time to enter Section Notes, we ask instructional departments to notify Hailey Bickley when faculty members are assigned to teach a distance education course.

    • If an instructor has previously taught the course, information from the earlier Section Note will be used as a template for the new section.
    • If a new instructor is assigned to teach the section, we need the Section Note ‘Required Information.’

Use the Section Note Submittal Form to provide section information to the Office of Distance & Alternative Education.

The Administrative Assistant sends proofing notices to instructors via the Faculty Listserv. Instructors follow the emailed instructions to proof the text and use the email reply function to report changes.

The deadline to submit Section Notes is two weeks before registration begins.  After that time, the department must enter or make changes to Section Notes using the Course Schedule Notes system.

Required Information

    • Course Prefix and Number, Synonym, and Semester/Session
    • Instructor first and last name, ACC phone number, ACC email address
    • Mandatory orientation requirements
    • Orientation completion date
      Note: Orientation must be available online no later than the first day of class and MUST be completed before session census date to comply with attendance certification deadline.
    • ONL & DLS classes must say “Internet access required,” give the online orientation location (Blackboard or other URL), and list any hardware or software students need to purchase.
    • HYD & DLC classes must provide day, date, time, campus, and room number for orientation (if on campus) and all meetings.
      Note: Departments use Ad Astra to schedule rooms for on-site meetings.

Notes for Unstaffed Sections

Notes for sections without an assigned instructor after the deadline will use the default wording: “For section and mandatory orientation information, contact the instructor by the first day of class.”