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Google Meet


Google Meet is a web conferencing tool included in the Google Suite of tools available to ACC faculty, staff, and students. Up to 250 participants can take part in a Google Meet. Chat is included as well as options for backgrounds. Google Meet could be used for a course presentation, office hours,  communication and even to monitor testing. Google Meet is not as powerful as Blackboard Collaborate or WebEx.  For example, you can not assign your students to different groups for discussion or to complete a task.

ACC has the following web conferencing tools available: Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, and Class for Zoom. To decide which web conferencing tool is best for your needs, please reference the Web Conferencing Tools Comparison Chart.


To access your Google Meet account use your ACCeID credentials to log in: 

Request Support

If you need support, please submit the Faculty Support form. Need ideas on how to implement Google Meet into your teaching? Please visit the Teaching Consultations & Support page to set up a consultation.


    • Integrated with Google calendar, includes an invite option with a link to join the Google Meet
    • Up to 250 participants
    • Chat available (this feature cannot be turned off)


    • Participants can turn on a closed caption option
    • Google Meet organizer/participants may share their entire screen or a specific window
    • Compatible with web browsers and has both an android and iPhone & iPad app

Getting Started with Google Meet

    1. Review Google’s Introduction to Google Meet. This page is a comprehensive resource for learning how to use Google Meet.
    2. View the Getting Started with Google Meet video.
    3. To access Google Meet account use your ACCeID credentials to log in: 

Training and Support

Teaching consultations are available to help you implement this tool into your teaching.

Request Consultation

Educational Technologists are available to provide training and answer questions.

Request Help

Workshops to learn about the tools available for teaching and learning are available.

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