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Course Evaluation

Austin Community College (ACC) maintains a comprehensive set of pages on the processes and procedures for full-time, adjunct, and distance education faculty evaluation. The course evaluation process is led and supported by the Office of Faculty Evaluation. Course evaluations are conducted every semester and it is required for each course. A Course Evaluation FAQ page is also available for reference.

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process and procedures please visit the Faculty Evaluation page or email:

For additional information, please refer to Administrative Rule #4.1201.02

Important Updates

Course Evaluation Input Forms: For Full-Time/Adjunct/DE Faculty input forms, visit this link.

Updating Course Evaluation Info: To request changes to the course evaluation course/instructor information, please submit the Request Form

Course Evaluations are Completely Online!


Students will be able to access course evaluations online via Blackboard. Students will know when the course evaluation is available or about to open, and when it closes.


Faculty will be able to see how many course evaluations have been submitted while the course evaluation is open, and after grades are submitted, see evaluation results.


With course evaluations online, faculty will no longer use precious instructional time to conduct course evaluations. Faculty can focus on teaching and students on learning.

Course Evaluation Timeline Chart

Course Evaluation Calendar

The course evaluation calendar outlines the dates for when course evaluation opens for each session. If your course evaluation isn’t available by the date listed on the course evaluation calendar, please contact the Office of Faculty Evaluation:

Course Evaluation Results

Course evaluation results are now available online. To access them, please log in through the evaluation link available in your Blackboard course.

To learn more about how to interpret your course evaluation results, please visit the webpage below.

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Course Evaluation Semester Reports

The Course Evaluation Semester Reports provide an analysis of course evaluation data by semester.

Semester reports will be posted below as they become available.

HLC Social StaircaseAre you a department chair needing access to course evaluation results for your faculty? Please log in to your BOX account to access them.

To learn how to use Box, please view these Box video tutorials. Do you have questions about how to use your BOX account? Please visit the Course Evaluation FAQ.

Due to a change in the ACC BOX security protocol, Department Chairs are now promoted to the “co-owner” role of their course evaluation folder(s) in the ACC BOX portal. This privilege allows Chairs to add users or remove users from their departmental folder(s).

As the co-owner of the departmental folder(s), it is important that you regularly review the “Share” settings of your folder(s) and remove any users who should not have access. You are going to see a few TLED staff listed in your share setting, this is because your departmental folder(s) are stored under “Instructional Services” and the Faculty Evaluation Office staff need access to your folder(s) in order to provide you the course evaluation reports.

If you encounter any problem adding users or removing them from your BOX folder(s), you may submit a Mojo ticket. An IT staff will assist you. Visit this ACC BOX training resource site to learn more details.



Reports for Deans & Department Chairs in BOX

Below is the list of faculty evaluation reports for department chairs.

Deans and department chairs can now login to the ACC course evaluation system, ClassClimate to pull more advanced reports, such as a report for the whole department across different semesters. These types of reports will come in handy for your program review or accreditation requirements.

How to Create Course Evaluation Reports (PDF)

Below are recordings and slides are available for your reference:

If you would like to earn professional development hours for this, you may sign up for the online self-paced workshop with the same materials.

Please reach out to if you have any questions or would like a quick refresher on the features.

Do you have questions about course evaluation? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


We want to hear from you!

Let us know your feedback on the course evaluation process by submitting this survey. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns at

Faculty Values

Faculty Values Supporting Student Success

Online course evaluation empowers all ACC students to participate in the course evaluation process and provides timely feedback to faculty on their teaching.

ACC Faculty Values play a significant role in the professional development and programming of faculty development and more at ACC.

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