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Office of Faculty Development

Welcome to the Office of Faculty Development (OFD). Our area encourages and supports the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills by coordinating and providing the highest quality professional development opportunities for faculty. Our unit is a centralized hub that provides programs, resources, and direct support for ACC faculty members at all career stages to inspire and empower faculty members to improve their craft. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, provide opportunities and resources that promote best practices in teaching and learning, and link faculty success to student success in alignment with our Faculty Values.

Faculty Center Advisory Group (FCAG)

The Faculty Center Advisory Group (FCAG) is a primarily faculty-driven group that ensures that the work of the Office of Faculty Development represents faculty in the creation and administration of faculty development initiatives, activities, and services.

FCAG members are appointed to advise Faculty Development work to:

    • Engage in advising, promoting, and participating in faculty development programming
    • Ensure the development and implementation of initiatives, activities, and services represents our Faculty Values
    • Provide insight and expertise on opportunities for faculty to grow, based on evidence-based practices
    • Provide support and advocate to and for faculty in the spirit of life long learning
    • Be the voice of faculty development needs and wants from the faculty

Faculty Leads

Kendall Dingee
Becoming an Equity-Minded Instructor
Instructional Associate, Integrated Reading & Writing
Adjunct Professor, Developmental Writing

Nancy Stano
Department Chair Academy
Department Chair, Student Development
Department Chair, General Studies (Liberal Arts)

Cheryl Thompson Price
Faculty Talent Onboarding
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Student Development
Coordinator, College Prep Programs

Tasha Davis 
Faculty Talent Onboarding
Professor, Communication

Silke Morin
Teaching and Learning Academy
Professor, Biology

Faculty Center Advisory Group (FCAG)

ACC Faculty Values

ACC Faculty Values play a significant role in the professional development and programming of faculty development and more at ACC.

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